5 Tips for Upgrading your Makeup this Summer

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It’s time for me to make a confession

Even though at the moment I make my living through writing about beauty and fashion (and I have to pinch myself that this is the case on an almost daily basis!), I have almost always bought my makeup at the drugstore, aside from the occasional high end lipstick or foundation splurge. I wear makeup on a daily basis without fail, but I’ve never really pushed myself out of my beauty comfort zone when it comes to experimenting with new colours, textures or beauty trends. Recently though, something has changed. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but I’ve had a realisation that suddenly my £6 foundation from Boots isn’t quite cutting it. Yes, my drawers are full of samples of high end beauty products but on a daily basis I’d reach for my budget makeup, saving the luxurious pieces for ‘another day’ or a ‘special occasion’. But then, a new range made its way into my hands, and everything changed.

When I peered inside that deep brown carrier bag, with TOM FORD in gold emblazoned on the front, what I saw wasn’t just makeup. It was a selection of beauty products selected impeccably for my personal tastes, colours that feel like they belong in my beauty collection, already a part of my daily routine. A range so beautiful that when I got home that afternoon I rushed to photograph it immediately so that I could test and wear the products right away. I feel evangelical about it – and I believe that’s a word that I’ve not used on this blog before, but with this collection it feels like the only word to describe it.

In case you couldn’t already guess, I’ve been converted. No longer will my high end makeup sit in my drawer untouched and ‘saved for a special day’, oh no. This Summer the beauty releases are there to be enjoyed, right down to the pan. If you’re thinking about investing in beauty and becoming a high end convert, then honestly, it will change your morning routine and the way you feel throughout the day.

It won’t be an easy transition. Real makeup is a totally different ball game to drugstore makeup. In case you’re overwhelmed by a £40 foundation, or wonder how a £100+ could possibly be worth it, then here are the lessons I’ve learnt that may help to show you the path to righteous makeup.


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  1. Do your Research
    I suppose one reason why I previously avoided the high end makeup counters in Selfridges, Harrods etc in the past is that even as a beauty blogger, I still feel like a makeup novice. I’m no beauty expert, no makeup artist, I just have a strong opinion on what beauty products I like, and I love to tell the world about them. So, I don’t like to just waltz into a store and expect to figure out how to navigate through the millions of products on offer, instead, I spend a good deal of time on blogs and websites reading product descriptions and reviews first. Chances are if you’re reading this then you already do your beauty research on blogs – and this can help you decide what you should be looking for, what the brands have on offer, and what could work best for your skin type.
  2. Invest in a Primer
    Primer is an addition to your makeup collection that you may not think is worth it. Until you’ve tried a good one, you’ll probably think that it’s a bit of a waste of money. But when you discover one that works for you, everything changes. Sounds dramatic right? But a good primer has the power to transform how your makeup applies, how the finished look lasts on the skin, and also has powers to protect and nourish your skin too. Read all about the Tom Ford Illuminating Primer that is both skincare and makeup in my review post here – it feels like liquid silk on the skin, leaving me feeling excited to apply my daily makeup, and with a glowing even complexion that keeps my makeup in place all day. Primer acts as the foundation to a beautiful makeup look, so investing in this key step will ensure the rest of your high end makeup purchases work their hardest and look their best.
  3. Try on ALL the Shades
    I’m an independent shopper. I always shy away from the shop assistants who offer to help me find my perfect shade – but if you like interacting with people then you should most definitely take them up on this offer. If not, do what I do and hover over the foundation / lipstick tester section and try as many shades as you can. Trying on ALL the shades will makeup you consider things you may not have done before. If it wasn’t for my Tom Ford on-counter experience, then I wouldn’t have discovered First Time – a lipstick that is now my daily essential.

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4. Consider your Skincare
I know I don’t need to preach about the importance of skincare. Great skincare being the best starting block for a beautiful makeup look etc etc etc. But if your skincare routine isn’t working for you then switch it up, try something new. I have got quite a few blog posts dedicated to Skincare, my personal favourites, brand focused posts and more so spend some time swatting up before deciding how to put together a skincare routine that’s right for you. Test out a product for 3-4 weeks so that your skin goes through its full cycle so that you can really see the difference a product makes to your skin and the way you apply your makeup.

5. The Usability of High End Makeup
I’m talking about the frequency of usage of your beauty products. Do you love to contour, highlight and add blush on an almost daily basis? Or do you love to spend hours creating that perfect glow before a special occasion? Then start by investing in a contour kit such as – it features a blush, highlight and bronzer and has a super fine texture, with easy to blend shades that flatter all skin tones. The result is skin that glows with natural radiance, and the softness and warmth of a post holiday sunset glow. It truly is magical.

Perhaps investing in high end makeup is more for a special occasion, or a treat. A luxury addition to your holiday beauty routine perhaps? The is a product I didn’t think I needed, until I tried it. Creating the unmistakable glow of sun kissed skin, it’s a lightweight oil shimmering with gold that illuminates limbs as well as scenting the body in the unmistakeable Soleil fragrance.



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Remember, it’s Worth it!
High end makeup doesn’t come cheap, and building an entire collection of luxurious products may come as a shock to the bank balance, but think of it as an investment. Think of how long these products last (my Tom Ford bronzer that I wear on a daily basis still isn’t showing any signs of use!) and how much of a pleasure you’ll have applying them on a daily basis. Makeup, when you think about it, should be the thing you splurge on. It’s the product that we purchase that is closest to you, physically. More so than a designer bag or a fancy car. You only get one go at looking after your skin so treat it well. Spoil your skin!

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Let’s Talk about Tom Ford

So, back to the collection that sparked this little outburst. Tom Ford’s Soleil collection truly is something else. The stunning white high gloss packaging, with the gold details emblazoned with the Tom Ford name, it really is a spectacle to look at. The Contour Compact is undeniably the most beautiful piece to hold a place in my beauty collection, and wonderfully wearable too. Another favourite is thefragrance – eyes closed, this whisks me away to warm breezes on tropical islands, with golden notes of florals, amber and Coco de mer. This is just a hint at the new collection, see it in all its beauty, and get ready to shop on May 2nd when the full range is available in the UK.

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What are your thoughts on upgrading your makeup collection? And what are your favourite pieces from Tom Ford’s Soleil Collection?

These products were kindly sent to me for review purposes and so that I could share them with you! Find out more on my Disclaimer.