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-The Estée Edit-

It’s the makeup range that has the entire beauty industry talking, and this week I was able to test out a whole host of products from The Estée Edit – the 82 piece makeup collection designed with us millennials in mind. The collection is already Kendall Jenner-approved and features a small amount of skincare, as well as a whole host of colourful makeup especially formulated for the wants and needs of the social media generation.

Named The Estée Edit, after Estée Lauder’s blog, the range includes some unusual and high impact products such as Lip Flip – a bright canary yellow lipstick which can be used to lighten lip shades, as well as more subtle offerings such as the Skin Glowing Balm Makeup – a tinted moisturiser which is available in 12 shades.

So which products are worth the hype? Keep reading for my honest opinion on the products that I have tried so far from The Estée Edit.

Fashion Mumblr Beauty Review - The Estee Edit
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The Pore Vanishing Stick

Let’s begin with the first product that I tried from the range. The is encased in a sleek silver tube, with the signature Estée Edit Cobalt Paint splash across the top (which I’m not sure if I love, never have been a fan of blue!) and is formulated to blur the look of pores. With large pores being one of my main skincare concerns, I was really excited to give it a try. I applied it directly to my skin and immediately noticed the reduction in shine and oil on my skin. The tinted dot in the centre added a little tint to soften the redness of my skin, and the result overall was a very natural looking matte complexion – the ideal base for makeup. If you’d like to see me trying this for the first time, see my First Impressions video here.

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I also have two key pieces from The Estée Edit’s skincare range; their , and White Mud Exfoliating Scrub and Mask. Usually I like to try out skincare for a good three weeks or so before writing a review, but my first impressions of both are very positive ones. After a day of wearing a full face of The Estée Edit products, I applied the Cleansing Oil straight to my skin where it gently dissolved the makeup – I barely needed to rub it at all. It wasn’t as luxurious as oils such as but it worked a treat. I removed with warm water and a cloth, which turned the oil into a milky cleanser, and considering the cleanliness of my skin, there was no tight or uncomfortable feeling afterwards – instead my skin felt soft and clean, and had a luminous glow. I’m a fan!

I absolutely love multi-tasking products so as soon as I read about the , I knew I had to try it. As it’s made by Estée Lauder, you know it’s going to work, and the creamy smooth white clay formula draws all the impurities and oil from your skin, while you rub the mask in using circular motions to allow the Jojoba beads to smooth any rough or dry skin. I didn’t allow the mask enough time to dry, instead hopping in the shower a few minutes after application to double up on the scrubbing action. My skin felt perfectly smooth and clean afterwards, not quite as deep cleansed as other masks that I’ve tried, but a lovely one to use none-the-less.

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Makeup Hits & Misses

First of all, I have to say these are my first impressions. I’ll be using these products more over the next few weeks, so these opinions are open to changing! But as for my first impressions of the makeup products, I have a few clear favourites and not-so-favourites.

Firstly, those that I love. The is exactly the type of product that I’m enjoying using at the moment. It’s a light tinted moisturiser which gives a natural but even complexion, without entirely covering up your natural skin. It’s incredibly hydrating with ingredients like Shea Butter, Evening Primrose Oil and Muru Muru seed butter, so even without moisturiser my skin felt hydrated throughout the day. I have oily-combination skin which isn’t even the ideal skin type for the product, and yet my skin was still looking fresh at the end of the day.

Another favourite was . Firstly I adored the packaging – the sleek silver which encases most of the collection, with a white paint splatter instead of blue this time (much more of a  fan of this!). It’s highly pigmented and only a slight swipe of your brush is needed on the blush, resulting in a beautifully even and natural looking flush of colour, while the golden tints give a beautiful subtle shimmer to the cheeks – perfect if you love a soft highlight look.

Even though my was perhaps a shade or two too dark for me, I still loved it. It’s different to what I’d usually opt for, as it’s a fairly chunky pencil, but the result was a soft yet bold brow which took just moments to apply. Ideal if you have a great brow shape already and want to add depth, it has a silky consistency which gives beautiful colour pay off, and even contains hints of pearl which catch the light mimicking the lustre of your real hair.

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The Barest Lip Colour

I have four lip shades from the collection to try, two of which are from collection – a very Kendall Jenner selection of easy to wear, universally flattering nudes. The formula is incredibly comfortable to both apply and wear – with hydrating ingredients including real flower petal waxes from Rose, Jasmine and Lavender it feels creamy and light on the lips. Almost like a balm even with a hint of rose scent, these are easily one of the loveliest lip products I have tried in a long time.

Another beautiful lip product in The Estée Edit range is the – ‘Killin It’ is that beautiful red, coral, orange shade that you spend all Summer searching for while ‘Miss You’ is as close to nude as I can get away with, thanks to the flattering pinky coral tone. Also comfortable to wear thanks to conditioning oils within the formula, it doesn’t compromise on colour and intensity. My shades, Killin It and Miss You, will no doubt become my Summer everyday shades.


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Room For Improvement

I don’t like giving negative reviews for products, especially when I’ve only tried them once or twice, but in the interest of being totally honest, these are a few of the products which I wasn’t such a fan of.

Firstly, the . Yes, the yellow lipstick. I actually applied this wrong to start with, not realising that it’s supposed to go over the top of your lip colour, instead of underneath! But having applied it correctly this morning, I’m still not convinced. I found it quite hard to get an even wash of the bright shade, resulting in a fairly patchy lip finish. I applied a balm over the top to blend the colours and found the impact of the yellow quite subtle. A fun product, yes, but it won’t be one that I reach for very regularly.

I also did not love the application of the . The first one that I tried actually broke on my eyelid, and even when I was softer with my application the second time round, I still found application a little patchy. It’s a shame as the shade (Spiced) was fabulous, and I’ll definitely be sticking with this product, trying different application techniques as I’m desperate to make it work for me.

Personally I don’t wear liner that often, and I also am currently wearing Nouveaux lashes, so definitely not the best person to judge . I found the nib a little stiff, making application quite hard, and cat flicks almost impossible – again i’ll be sticking with this one as the lasting power and intensity was faultless. I’m determined to love it!

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Honestly, I love it.

Despite a few products that aren’t perfectly to my taste, the range as a whole has really impressed me. For a new makeup range to include so many products that seem so in tune with the needs of their customers, it’s not an easy feat! I am excited to add these pieces into my daily makeup routine and figure out new ways to wear them – because let’s face it, if they’ve got the seal of approval from Kendall Jenner, then they’ve got to be fabulous!


If you’d like to see me applying these products for the first time, you can watch my First Impressions video here.



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Will you be trying anything from The Estée Edit? Which products do you like the look of?