10 Things To Remember on the Beach


1. Stay Hydrated

A whole day on a beach calls for lots of drinking water. There’s nothing worse than feeling dizzy because you havn’t drunk enough, so ensure you’ve always got a big bottle with you.

2. Head to the Beach at Sunrise or Sunset

… If you want to get the best beach Instagram snaps! The lighting is best when the sun is low in the sky, I personally love the warm pink hue you get at sunset (these photos are a perfect example!) It’s also the safest time to enjoy the rays when the sun isn’t quite so strong.

3. Don’t forget your sandals!

It’s likely that the sand will be incredibly hot and there’s nothing worse than burnt feet, so pick a pair of chic slip on sandals. They also make the perfect accessory for your beach outfit, shop my favourites below!



4. Take a packed lunch

Bringing your own healthy lunch is not only a great way to save money, but you’ll also be less tempted by the touristy café’s serving up chips and other carbs which won’t do any favours to your bikini body! Plus, if you’ve discovered a hidden cove, the nearest place to find food could mean you have to pack up your things and take a long trek!

5. Use Instagram to find the best beaches!

You may have read how I used Instagram as my guide for discovering the best places to go in Copenhagen here, and the same goes for beaches. Search your location on Instagram to find the places that the locals go to, and the most picturesque beaches. You’ll avoid the crowds of touristy beaches and probably end up on the best beach on the island.



6. Do NOT forget sunscreen!

Even if you’ve got a base tan, you still need protecting. No matter what your factor, always reapply every couple of hours, it’s just not worth the long term damage if you don’t. My favourite is the Piz Buin Tan Maximising Oil – as you can probably guess from the name, the oil accelerates your skin’s ability to tan, without compromising on SPF protection.

7. Pack a Portable Charger

Especially if you’ll be taking lots of snaps or listening to music on the beach. I recently purchased a solar powered battery pack which is a life saver when it comes to spending a whole day on the beach.

8. Do Your Research

Especially if there’s no lifeguard on the beach, be sure to look out for signs about potential dangers. It’s impossible to know if there’s a strong current or other threats like sharks or even jellyfish just by looking out to see, so always be cautious.

9. Bring a Book!

Sunbathing is always more enjoyable when you can chill out with a good book, especially if you’re too busy to read at home.


10. Enjoy the Moment

Time spent on the beach in a beautiful location is truly special. Take a moment to thing how lucky you are to be able to see such a beautiful part of the world!



What I’m Wearing


Beach Cover Up by Faithful   |   Sandals by Accessorize   |   Hat by ASOS


What are your tips for spending time on the beach?