Summer Jewellery Favourites

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Make it Rose

Jewellery just happens to be one of my favourite obsessions. In my mind, an outfit is not complete without a few key jewellery pieces, and as I switch up my ‘everyday’ jewellery for Summer, I thought it would be fun to dedicate a post to a few of my absolute favourite pieces, and some of Summer’s major jewellery trends.

When it comes to selecting my accessories, I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. You only have to watch my vlogs or take a peek at the closer details of recent outfit shots to notice that I tend to wear the same pieces over and over, and that’s because I like to spend time selecting jewellery that I love, and then make it a part of my look for an entire season or more. Of course it is fun to invest in additional pieces to switch things around for special occasions, but I tend to go for pieces that will all work together. Much like when building up a wardrobe where your pieces all compliment each other (I wrote a post on that here), I like my jewellery pieces to be equally interchangeable. So, without further ado, here are some of my current favourites!

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The Delicate Statement Necklace

With so many beautiful necklace options to choose from, I still find myself constantly reaching for something delicate, but with a beautiful touch of sparkle. This summer, I’ve fallen for the Hearts of PANDORA  necklace, a stunning yet simple design in an elegant blush hue, a shade which you’ll notice is the only one I tend to wear! It works perfectly with a plain white t-shirt and jeans (just watch a few of my vlogs to see my rocking it in this way!) as well as it does with a beautiful dress as in this post, adding a touch of sophistication and delicate glamour to every look. Another reason I chose this design is because it can be flipped over to reveal a more subtle plain rose gold side, perfect for the more casual pairing.

Another favourite : The Feather Necklace

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A Subtle Earring

I adore earrings, but for me, subtlety is key! An earring should be something beautiful that you only catch sight of once in a while, and not a distraction. I like to choose small but incredibly intricate and stunning earrings, such as the PANDORA Rose stud earrings. With a delicate pink heart shaped stone, the romantic style is also part of the collection of rose golden accessories – meaning they perfectly match the rest of my jewellery.


A Ring Cluster

What is more beautiful than a single stunning ring? A collection of stunning rings! I absolutely always layer up my rings to create an elegant and well put-together ring cluster, and you won’t be surprised to see that this Summer I’m obsessed with this collection of PANDORA Rose rings. Combining precious Cubic Zirconia with 14ct rose golden metal, the rings make a statement with their beauty but without being too bold – it’s all about keeping it delicate on the hands!

Another favourite : the Feather Ring



So those are my absolute favourites when it comes to my Summer jewellery selections, and you’ll be catching me wearing these pieces lots over the coming weeks and months! The PANDORA Rose collection is beautifully elegant and feminine, making it the perfect range to invest in for your Summer jewellery choice.

What are your favourite jewellery pieces this summer? Do you have a favourite from the pieces I’ve worn in this post?



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p.s You can catch me getting ready for this look in my Get Ready With Me video here.


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