My Greatest Accessory – A Smile Story

Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening Review

One of my most frequently asked questions on my YouTube channel is always about how my teeth are so white. Now I’ve never been one to desire that dazzling hollywood smile, but during 2016 I took a few steps to really get the smile that I truly wanted. I used clear braces to straighten and align my teeth – most noticeably the bottom teeth which had always been crooked, and I even had my upper teeth contoured to create a smooth and even smile. The finishing touch to achieving that almost perfect smile for me was a whitening treatment, and I’ve tried a few, but to date, the best I’ve tried is the Philips Zoom treatment.


The treatment begins with an In Chair process. I visited celebrity dentist Dr Rhona Eksander who specialises in cosmetic dentistry at a Dental Clinic in Westminster, she began by going through the process with me and what I liked and disliked about my teeth. I was then asked to choose a film to watch during the hour long process, before Rhona set up a mouth guard and applied the first round of bleach. While the mouth guard wasn’t hugely comfortable, I got used to it after a while, and being able to sit back in the comfortable chair with Love Actually playing in my goggles, I soon forgot I was even wearing it!

Depending on what you want and how white you want to go, you can have up to six 15 minute rounds of the treatment, but I had just 4 before my teeth were at their optimum natural whiteness. I removed my mouthguard and rinsed my mouth, and we were done! Despite having sensitive teeth I didn’t experience any sensitivity on my teeth during or after the treatment, and in just an hour, I left with noticeably whiter and more evenly coloured teeth – any discolouration from the edges was smoothed to a soft white, and most noticeable was the improvement in my bottom teeth which had gradually become stained from food and drinks (Coffee, I blame you!).


The treatment doesn’t end once you leave the clinic – instead the Philips Zoom treatment includes an At Home Kit which you can use after your chair treatment, or whenever you need a top up. As I have my invisible braces, I apply the solution into the brace, but most people would have a mould taken of their teeth before the initial treatment. The Zoom kit pictured here is suitable for up to 18 applications and it couldn’t be easier to do. You jus pop a dot of solution onto the trays (or in your brace) and wear for 15 to 30 minutes a day. Do this twice a day and you’ll see a huge improvement within 7 – 14 days. I did this for the week after my treatment and am now saving the rest of the solution for before our next holiday!

The compliments about my white smile have been incredible since the Philips Zoom treatment, and I can finally say that I have a smile that I’m truly confident with. Whether it’s a general confidence boost, or a treat before a big occasion such as a trip or even a wedding, I would absolutely recommend the treatment. Prices vary from dentist to dentist but start at around £400. Practises can be found across the country – find your nearest one here.


This post is in collaboration with Philips but as always all opinions are my own, and I would only recommend products and treatments that I truthfully recommend and would be happy to pay for myself!