The Do’s and Don’ts of Fashion Week!


How To Survive London Fashion Week

Today’s the day! London Fashion Week is descending on the streets of SoHo, and if you’re doing fashion week this week I’m sure you’ll have a super busy schedule ahead of you. Seasoned LFW-ers will be mentally preparing themselves for long days, working nights (editing, writing and publishing…. what were YOU thinking?!), dehydration, sore feet and more. Here are a few of my tips that hopefully may help you through London Fashion Week.

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  1. Do Schedule Your Content

If you’re a blogger / social media person then this one is important. Always allow yourself time in the morning to schedule some content, whether that’s using a platform like Buffer to schedule some tweets, or one of those clever apps that reminds you when to publish pre-edited instagram photos, make sure that even if you’re running around like crazy, you’re online presence is still ticking over. In the past I have made the mistakes of being so busy that I forget to post, and no one likes a silent social media account over LFW! Try to take breaks from the action to post live tweets and instagrams too, anything tagged with #LFW during the week is likely to benefit from greater engagement than if you post after the hype has died down.

2. Do Keep Hydrated!
Nothing is worse than dehydration and when you’re zipping about between shows and events, it can be easy to forget to keep yourself topped up. Try to carry a bottle of water with you so that you can sip away regularly. This will help fight against fatigue and headaches, keeping you going for longer!

3. Don’t Miss Out 
Ensure you know which shows you have, at what time (including backstage call time and show time) clearly written down or saved on your phone so you don’t have to scrabble through your invitations juggling timings on the day. I like to have each LFW day plotted out hour by hour, and know exactly where each show is in relation to each other. If I have additional commitments that day, like an Instagram takeover for a brand, I make sure I schedule in time for content creation too.

4. Do Take Comfy Shoes
Between the street style snaps, you’ll need something you can run around town in. Literally. With just minutes between shows, it’s often quicker to leg it than get in a cab and risk getting caught in traffic, so carrying some comfortable shoes with you is a very sensible idea. This also means a big bag to carry them in, and as much as it does ruin the look, I like to carry a tote bag so that I can have a cute little bag for the all important #ootd shots, and then a tote with my essentials in.

5. Do Mean Business!
Fashion Week is a fantastic networking opportunity. With people from all over the industry in one place, it’s a great time to meet like minded creative folks, brands, PRs etc. Have your business cards handy and try to talk to as many people as possible.

6. Do Take Beauty Essentials.
As well as your phone, camera, spare battery charger and show invitations, there’s barely any room for makeup. But try to pull together a small makeup bag with everything you need for touchups – including a powder!! A dramatic lip colour can work wonders for perking up your look, and if you’ve room, take a refreshing face spray to perk up your complexion after a long day dashing between shows.

7. Don’t Take it Too Seriously!
Fashion Week comes around twice a year, and while it is important to attend and get great coverage and support British designers, don’t knacker yourself out and get totally stressed if you can’t do everything. It’s just not worth it! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, make the most of your time at LFW, and do what you can without burning out.




What To Wear?!

Whatever you do, don’t dress up in something that isn’t right for you – purely with the aim of being seen and being photographed. It’s fabulous to make an effort, and show off your understanding of fashion trends – and absolutely debut your new bag and favourite new pieces, but don’t spend a fortune on things you’ll never wear again.

Here are a few pieces I recommend wearing;

– A watch! Because your phone battery may not last as long as you do, so keep time another way. My watch worn here is so beautiful and an absolute steal too.
– Sunglasses. Because they make you look chic, duh! Very useful for hiding the stress and concentration from your face, and also protecting you from the sun’s rays of course. I always pop mine on as the afternoon hours drag on – sunglasses look fabulous even after the concealer has worn away. My glasses are a beautiful statement piece too – perfect for fashion week!
– Mules! Yesterday’s post was devoted to them, and i’ll be wearing Mules to fashion week thanks to their comfort and uber fashion credentials. The rose gold  pair in today’s #ootd are my current pastel favourites.
– A Go To Dress. There will always be a day when you just can’t fathom the energy to pull together a chic outfit, so ensure you have a back up dress in your wardrobe that you know will tick all the boxes, with minimal accessorising required. I adore this off the shoulder number from – the shade is my absolute favourite and it gives me trend points for being off the shoulder too.



Photographed with the Panasonic Lumix GX80 and 45mm Lens


What are your Do’s and Don’ts for London Fashion Week? Will you be attending this year?