5 Things To Pick up from Kat Von D


Beauty Addicts Rejoice!

In case you haven’t heard the news, Kat Von D is finally accessible to buy right here in the UK, at none other than Debenhams – meaning you can pick it up on the highstreet, or online. Yay!

Kat Von D is one of those brands that you hear beauty bloggers swooning over, known for their high pigments and long wear products. Kat, originally from Mexico, worked as a tattoo artist, renowned for wearing deepest red lipsticks and jet black eyeliner, she starred in LA Ink while taking the world by storm with her ultra-performance makeup. Kat Von D has one of the largest followings of any beauty brands on social media, and the product line is designed to meet her own high beauty demands, as well as inspiring beauty addicts to express themselves through the artistry of makeup.

Debenhams holds the full Kat Von D range, and in case you’re not too sure where to start, here are my personal favourite pieces, and why I love them.

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The Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Probably the most infamous product from the Kat Von D makeup range, the Liquid Lipstick promises 24 hour wear (I can’t say I’ve worn it for more than 7/8 hours, but I was impressed by the longevity!) and contains skin nourishing ingredients in the formula to combat the discomfort and dryness usually associated with long lasting lip products.

Packaging wise, it’s very Californian rock tattoo-vibe ish, with the image of Kat Von D and calligraphic roses – a tribute to the maker’s origins. Inside is a long skinny tube of lip product, with a wand application for easy and quick application. It’s creamy and applies quickly with no bleeding (essential with a colour range like this!) and dries within moments to a matte finish. It’s transfer proof too, so a great choice for a dinner date or for your evening of cocktails!

I’m yet to discover a matte liquid lip with more pigmentation, and the colour is very true to what you see on the tube, with even application on the lips. One thin layer is all you need for an even coverage.

My only slight negative is the colour range, for those of us who aren’t quite so bold with our lip choices. I picked up the two most ‘wearable’ shades in my opinion; Lolita and Bow n Arrow, while the others were just a little too dramatic for my soft and natural make up look. I guess I’m not the Kat Von D target customer, but surely a few more easy-to-wear shades would be instant hits?! I’d like to see some more of the wearable pinks like in the Anastasia Beverley Hills liquid lipsticks, or Huda Beauty, for example.

Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipsticks are £16.00 each from Debenhams.

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The Shade & Light Palette

OK, so it was perhaps a little optimistic of me to pick up this palette because I feel like it may be for Level 5 contour-ers, where as I most definitely am struggling to pass Level 1. However, I remain optimistic that this palette will help even a contour novice like me create some flattering angles. The Shade and Light contour collection contains six matte shades that look like they’ll work on most skin tones, and you can choose from a neutral, warm or cool undertone. I personally love a grey shade for contour, but the lovely makeup artist at the Debenhams counter gave me a tip to use all three to create a soft natural shadow and depth to my face.

The light powders give a matte highlight – again you can use just one, or blend the three together. A matte highlight gives a more natural look than their shimmering counterparts, so a light sweep will be perfect for everyday accentuation of your angles, while they can be built up for some serious deep contouring.

The Shade and Light palette is £36 from Debenhams.



Lock It concealer

A concealer boasting 24-hour wear sounds too good to be true, especially for someone who constantly finds the need to top up the coverage on her chin every hour or so! BUT, on first impressions (I literally only wore this yesterday and today), this concealer is seriously good. The Lock-It formula is creamy, blendable, and lasts for hours and hours, noticeably longer than any other concealer i’ve tried in fact. I chose a shade lighter than my skin tone so that I can brighten under-eyes, but I’ve also blended it over the redness on my chin as a neutraliser, and over a couple of blemishes.

Coverage wise, it’s heavy, but not cakey – so essentially everything I look for in an extremely good concealer!

Lock It is £20.00 from Debenhams.


Tattoo Liner

One of Kat’s favourites and a real cult product, the Tattoo liquid liner, like the rest of the range, promises ultra long wear and intense pigment. The brush tip is super fine, which I love because it means that I can create a slim line, or build up for a more intense look. It’s waterproof, paragon free and comes in two shades.

The liner looks just as great at the end of the day, as it does when I first applied – so it gets a big tick from me on the longevity front! Once again, not a negative thing to say about yet another Kat Von D cult product!


London Calling Set

If you want to try out some of the key pieces from the makeup range, this set is a perfect option. It contains a wearable Autumnal liquid lipstick in the shade Double Dare, as well as the Studded Kiss lipstick in Lolita (both mini sizes). Also, a mini Tattoo Liner in the classic Trooper shade is included – making perfect additions to your handbag or travel makeup bag!

The London Calling set is £19.50 from Debenhams.



I’d love to know if you’ve tried Kat Von D, and if you have any recommendations for what I should try next?