Law of Attraction : Can Fragrance Attract Romance?


Scent Memories

My earliest memories of scent is the pungent smell of smoked wood, filling our home with its heady thickness – as my father adds more logs onto the open inglenook fireplace of our Gloucestershire home. My mother’s perfume adds a floral aroma to the home which mixes with the scent of coffee beans and cold tea bags – a blend which will always remind me of home.

Because our reaction to a fragrance is mediated by our own experiences with the scent; the perfume of our first love, the aroma of our mother’s baking, the smell of the dish that gave you food poisoning etc etc, it’s no surprise that one man’s love potion is another man’s mood killer.

Fragrances unfold differently on different people. Where they are applied, the temperature of your skin (which then interacts with your body’s bacteria) and your biology (including eating habits) all affect the smell.

Most scents that we consider to be ‘sexy’ are based on a musk, thankfully now most are created synthetically (I won’t go into detail about how actual musk is extracted, Google it if you wish) but thanks to it’s animal undertone, it is considered manly, sexy and comforting.




Choosing a King

Introducing the new seductive scents; a pair of fragrances so mysterious and unforgiving that they grab you by the neck and don’t let you go. With heady notes of red chilli, cinnamon and patchouli or black pepper, leather accord and orange blossom, the scents are as overtly seductive as a pair of six inch heels – screaming confidence and control.

Last week, I asked you to vote on your JOOP! King, would it be Red King; Ali Gordon, or Black King, Carlos  Costa, both battling to win over your hearts – and I can now reveal that we were won over by the Black King, Carlos.

The modern dark scent represented by the JOOP! Black King invites us to discover self expression in it’s purest form. A dark mysterious scent of oriental and woody tones, it’s deep leather base is sweetened with orange blossom and black pepper – and King Carlos painted the picture so perfectly on his instagram – with dark and moody, masculine imagery.

The Red King, Ali won over many hearts too; displaying his passionate and romantic side to represent the oriental scent. JOOP! Homme Red King has spicy notes created by red chilli, cinnamon and red cedar while sweetness is created with Patchouli and Orange Blossom.

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The scents we wear play on the fact that human senses are all inextricably linked and so a dark fragrance entices the underworld of our personality. It represents the thoughts we daren’t think, the words we dare not utter, and the actions we dream of taking. JOOP! Homme’s Black King scent, worn by Carlos Costa to win over our hearts is a scent intended to cause a stir, it won’t lurk in the shadows.

Thank you to everyone who voted, and congratulations Carlos!

This post is in collaboration with JOOP! Homme