My Favourite Fall Investment Piece



When it comes to investment pieces in my wardrobe, I have only a very small handful. Often, I take the quality over quantity approach and choose core pieces that will be wardrobe staples season after season. I do absolutely love to mix high and low price pieces, purchasing high street designs to add trend details to my look, but investing in classic investment pieces to add a luxe touch to my outfit, season after season.

For this reason, when I invest, it tends to be in accessories. I look for something high quality, and versatile. If I’m making an investment I want it to last me year after year. I tend not to invest heavily in trend pieces, as while they may seem like a hot piece at this moment in time, they probably won’t hold their value come net season. I prefer to stick with classics.





There’s something about a designer handbag – the coveted, beautiful, and simply stimulating feeling of adding one to complete your #ootd is something that’s hard to put into words. It’s for that reason that when I am able to treat myself to a designer piece, it’s a bag that I choose.

There is certainly an allure about the status that goes hand in hand with a designer bag, and this is something that I studied at great depth when writing my dissertation. People assume certain things about you when they see a designer bag on your arm; your lifestyle, your bank account, your personality. Your designer accessory is recognisable to people who may not even be that fashion savvy but it’s not how others perceive me that makes me want to make the investment, it’s about my love for the product itself.


For those who are knowledgable of the fashion industry, you know that in most cases, whenever the word ‘designer’ appears before an accessory, it’s almost interchangeable for quality. I turn to designer pieces because they won’t go out of style ( fashion trends, after all, repeat themselves after just a few years) and are crafted from the finest materials and and with the most perfected of workmanship. They don’t lose their value over time, sometimes, they even gain in value. A true investment.



Finding The One

Unless you desperately want to buy another designer handbag, once you’ve invested a lot of money in a really fabulous bag that you’ll love forever, there really is no need to buy another one. Take care of your luxury handbag, and treat it to regular maintenance and it will last for many years. The price per wear of a well kept designer piece is often far greater than any flash-in-the-pan high street alternative.

Recently a selection of bloggers were invited to the Farfetch Mansion, and with us we bought our one key investment piece, The One piece that we had invested in as a wardrobe staple, and my piece was my new Valentino Rockstud Bag.

The had been on my wishlist for quite some time – I’ve always lusted over Valentino pieces and this is now the third piece from the designer that I am lucky enough to call my own. On the hunt for a small (but roomy) bag that I could use both during the day and as a smart evening bag, the Glam Lock just ticked all the boxes. The deep gold colour with Rockstud embellishments is a statement piece but classic thanks to it’s iconic design. I have already paired it with jeans and a white shirt as well as with evening dresses – it’s versatility is quite unlike any other piece I own.

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Ultimately, when I wear my designer bag, I feel better about myself. I’m aware of the status that comes with it and I’m very aware of the truth behind the motto; Dress to Impress. There is a tangible feeling of pulling a designer bag on as you’re running out the door – you instantly feel complete, and pulled together.

Carrying around my latest purchase is a fantastic feeling, but easily addictive. For now, my Valentino Rockstud is The One – and I’d love to know what investment pieces you’re lusting over? Or have you treated yourself to the one?

Let me know in the comments below!