Game Changing Rituals For a Better Night’s Sleep

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I’d define myself as a creature of habit.

I need 8 hours sleep, and then I am happy, productive and energetic. Any less? Well, it’s grumpy, snappy Josie for the rest of the day. This week, I discovered some game changing tips and revelations, life-changing rituals that are all I need in order to get a beautiful, restful night’s sleep.

First, change the way you think about sleep.

During my sleep research I read about the sleeping habits of those who are at the top of their game. CEO’s surviving on 4 hours a day, Olympians who sleep for twenty minutes every two hours – so this whole 8 hour thing? Sounds like it could be a myth. We beat ourselves up if we don’t get 8 hours sleep, and that’s the first thing that’s got to change.

Tweak Your Bedtime Routine

Some people are early birds, other’s night owls. Whichever you are, it’s totally fine. Don’t tell yourself you’re being lazy if you go to bed at midnight then don’t roll out of bed until 9am – that’s just who you are, it’s in your genes, pretty much hard-wired.

Sleep on the correct side of the bed. Most people should sleep on their non-dominant side (the opposite of the hand you write with), in the fetal position. This protects our organs and is the best position for a good night’s sleep.

An uncluttered and clean bedroom is of course the best environment for sleep, but also your bed should be big enough for you, and your partner if you share a bed. I feel cramped in anything smaller than king size, and your bed should be big enough that you don’t disturb whoever you share it with. Temperature wise, your room should be around 18C for a restful night’s sleep.


Sleeping in Luxury

When it comes to sleep, I believe quality is greater than quantity, so whether you need 5 hours sleep, or a full 8 hours, you should always invest in ways to make the quality of your sleep better.

Of course one of the main ways to improve your comfort while you sleep, is your choice of mattress. When I thought about it recently, it actually baffles me that people aren’t more obsessed with their mattress of choice – because we literally spend half our lives on it (the other half we spend on our feet – so I guess that explains my obsession with shoes).

Our new mattress, by , ticks a lot of boxes. It’s a luxury brand with an innovative mattress design and an efficient purchase and delivery process. No store visits are needed, the mattresses are selected online and arrive compressed and rolled up – so easy to manoeuvre into your bedroom.

Once opened, the mattress springs into shape, into a plump, firm, triple layered foam mattress. Designed to protect the body – offering core support and pressure relief thanks to three layers of foam, it results in a more comfortable night’s slumber. In case you’re not happy, there’s a 100 night free trial and if you’re not happy you can return the mattress, and it will be donated to charity. In addition, for every 10 mattresses sold, one will be donated to charity – so you can sleep well knowing that you’ve made a conscious positive purchase decision.

You can see Charlie and I unboxing our Leesa Mattress in my latest vlog, and visit their site here to get £50 off your purchase.




Your Pre and Post Sleep rituals are just as important as sleep!

How you behave before you sleep, and immediately after waking are just as important as your quality of sleep – as they prepare the body for sleep or for the day ahead. A few tips for getting your body into sleep mode include;

Move from a warm room to a cool place, and dim the lights or move to a darker room.

Have a technology break to reduce blue light disruptions. Perhaps a bath, or read (a book, not a website), or even go for a walk – it’s hard I know, but try to stay away from technology for an hour before bed.

Pyjamas are part of the fun! Get yourself into something seriously comfortable – soft, sleepy fabrics that relax and comfort the body.


Indulge in some herbal infusion tea. I love anything with Chamomile, Rose and Lavender in it – and caffeine free herbal tea is a great way to unwind and relax the body and mind before bed.

Meditate. This changes your mindset and helps you switch off from the continuous chatter that goes on in our heads during the day. Personally before bed I like to write a to-do list for the things I need to do the next day before I meditate for 10 minutes – this means I can stop worrying about them while I sleep.

Equally these rituals work in the morning too – meditation, a change of clothing, and easing the body into technology by not checking your phone the second you wake up – these will help you to prepare the body gently for the day ahead!


I’d love to know if you have any rituals for a good night’s sleep? Will you try any of these tips?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you to Leesa for collaborating with me to create this post!