The Stylish Solution to Kick-Starting your Autumn Fitness Routine


Typically, Autumn is my usual time to drop off my fitness regime.

It’s cold, it’s dark, and my body will be covered in thermals head to toe for the next few months, so where’s the motivation, right?

This year, I’m determined for it to be different. I told you a few weeks ago about a few things that keep me motivate to stay fit, and now that the temperature is dropping and the days are shorter, that motivation is being called on now more than ever. The cold weather pulls me towards the sofa (complete with snuggly blanket and cup of tea) but this season I’m putting away my laptop and picking up my fitness tracker to get me moving no matter what the weather.




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In my last fitness post, I introduced you to the , which not only tracks my activities, but also motivates me to keep on working out more regularly and more effectively, by measuring my body fat and muscle mass percentage. It’s the first wearable device to offer this, and I love that I can keep track of my progress on my phone and computer too. It’s these regular reminders of how much my body is changing, that make me refuse to give up on all that hard work, despite the change in seasons.

Slowly but surely, I have seen my body composition changing, physically but also thanks to the tracking on the device. I can see that classes that get me moving as well as long outdoor walks are what my body needs in order to get leaner, but this is different for everybody. It’s like having a personal trainer attached to your wrist!

As you can see, I’ve got a new strap! I can change the look of my TomTom Touch almost as often as I change my workout clothes (today’s look all Sweaty Betty, of course!) which means I don’t have to compromise on style when I am working out. The interchangeable straps house the intelligent tracker which also acts as a watch, a step counter and a heart rate monitor too.

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Since first wearing the TomTom Touch 6 weeks ago, I’ve been tracking my progress on my phone app, and watching my body get stronger and leaner. Seeing these body changes has motivated me to stay on track with my fitness like nothing I’ve ever tried before, and it’s inspired me to try new workouts too – to see what works for my body.
Throughout the Autumn months, I’ll be continuing to set myself goals and targets, and use my TomTom Touch to stay on track. Have you tried using a fitness tracker to motivate you to stay active?

TomTom Touch is £129.99 and available to buy .

This post is in collaboration with TomTom Sports but all opinions are of course my own!