Skincare Secrets That Every Beauty Blogger Swears By


Skincare Secrets

As young girls, we learn everything we need to know about beauty from the women in our lives. For me it was of course my mum, my friends, from beauty magazines. Now young girls are learning from blogs and YouTube videos – the amount of beauty advice out there is incredible, overwhelming even.

Many of these beauty tips, especially those passed down through the generations, may be Old Wives Tales – do they really work? Is your great great grandmother’s recipe for shiny hair really a solution to your dull locks? Or are you better off just indulging in some shop bought deep conditioner?

Well, there are certainly a few beauty secrets that aren’t so secret any more thanks to the huge amount of information here online, so when Roger&Gallet asked me if I’d share my very own beauty secrets, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to go back to basics, and let you know about the skincare rituals that I live by every single day.




Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

Moisture is the main element of our anatomies – our cells would simply not function without it, so it’s no surprise that the most important thing we can do to keep our skin looking its best, is to keep it moisturised.

This comes from drinking plenty of water, truly – the amount

of skin, body and physical issues that can be improved just by drinking more water is phenomenal, so drinking as much water as possible is the best starting block.

Every beauty blogger will tell you that investing in a good moisturiser is one of the best things you can do – no matter how expensive your make up is, if your skincare isn’t up to scratch, it’s just not going to work wonders.

The Roger&Gallet Aura Mirabilis Legendary Cream is a modern day cold cream – an incredibly soft and luxurious cream, treating the skin to hydration and nourishment thanks to its ingredients, including 18 distilled plants. As your skin regenerates itself over night, I love to apply it as the final step in my evening routine to allow it to work its magic while I snooze.




Never Skip a Cleanse

The one thing that absolutely every beauty blogger does before bed, is thoroughly cleanse the skin. Just a quick whip over with a face wipe isn’t enough to clean the makeup and dirt away from the skin; there’s a good reason why double cleansing is so popular. I like to use something luxurious and quenching to remove my makeup and any impurities that may be lurking on the skin surface, and then follow with another cleanser to make sure my skin is squeaky clean.

The Roger&Gallet Aura Mirabilis Extra Fine Cleansing Mask is a heavenly texture – a soft balmy consistency which melts into the skin. I often leave it on the skin for a few minutes (usually while I change into, or out of my pyjamas!).

To purify the skin, I use the Aura Mirabilis Beauty Vinager, which is as much a toner as it is a cleanser. It removes any product that may be left on the skin, but also brightens and refreshes the complexion. I shake it up to mix the liquid, apply onto a cotton pad, and then sweep over my clean skin.

There are also a few beauty secrets that have lasted through the generations, a few tips which I picked up from my mother, and my mother’s mother include using cucumber on eyes to freshen them up, using toothpaste on spots, and tea bags on tired eyes – who knew that household items could have such effective beauty uses!

Another beauty ritual that I like to do once a month or so, more during summer, is to apply a rich moisturiser to my feet, then sleep in fluffy socks. The next morning my feet are perfectly soft and smooth!

Petroleum jelly to smooth eyebrows, and spraying your hairbrush with hairspray to lock in a smooth style, these classic beauty secrets have lasted through the years and for good reason – they work!




Make Time for your Beauty Routine

We are all busier than ever in 2016, but one part of your morning routine not to rush is beauty preparations. If I skip through my skincare routine with little effort or thought, I feel uncomfortable and self-conscious throughout the rest of the day.

I like to make time in the evenings for pampering and treating myself too – and the Aura Mirabilis Double Extract is a lovely addition to an evening of indulgence. I treat my skincare routine as a ritual, enjoying the processes of cleansing and toning. On clean skin the bi-phase silky serum from Roger&Gallet instantly sinks in and gives the skin a heavenly glow – it’s like an instant complexion booster, and perfect to treat and indulge skin after a long day.

Have you tried any of these Old Wives Tales? Let me know your experiences or if you have heard any other beauty secrets that work!

This post is in collaboration with Roger&Gallet