An Unboxing : Essential Winter Layers

The Luxury Experience

Having studied consumer psychology for my dissertation at university, I often find myself over-analysing a store’s shopping experience. Silently marking each store out of ten like an undercover mystery shopper, I find it hard to resist noticing the small details that set my favourite stores apart from the rest.

What I love about premium high street stores, is that the in-store, and take home experience is an extension of the clothes themselves. That’s why in this post, I wanted to start with the experience that I enjoy before I try on my latest knitwear purchase from Jaeger.

When I invest in luxurious pieces such as this beautiful new knit, I expect the best from my entire shopping experience, and so to receive my new treat perfectly presented in a chic grey presentation box and carefully wrapped in tissue paper was a true joy – and a great first impression.

At home, I take care of my investment pieces, and in previous posts I’ve mentioned that knitwear is one area that I like to splash out a little more in, so to see the retailer giving equal amounts of care to the way they present the knitwear to me, is very important indeed.

As a busy millennial, I often browse in store and shop online, but I don’t like to miss out on the special treatment that I receive in-store when I simply tap to buy online, so to enjoy these few moments of surprise and delight as I unbox, truly allows me to enjoy the full shopping experience.

As for my new Jaeger knit, I couldn’t resist trying it on straight away.

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As for my love of knitwear, it’s an essential part of any winter layering outfit. It can often be challenging to dress well in winter, especially on those freezing cold days. Too many layers can swamp you or hide your figure, in some scenarios can make you look like the Michelin man or as if you’re about to hit the slopes, and too few will leave you shivering.

Mastering the art of winter layers requires patience, and trial and error. My advice would be to start with the thin basic layers, you’ve already heard me rave about thing M&S thermals – start with this to regulate the body temperature without adding bulk, and then opt for a classic knit. Jaeger is one of those stores that always has a fabulous array of classic knit styless that elevate my winter outfits.


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When you’ve chosen your knit and are now comfortably layered over the top of your thermal, the final layer that you’ll need is a coat. Once again, this is an area that I like to spend time choosing wisely – your coat is the first part of your outfit that people notice in Winter – and often the only part! My cashmere wool blend coat, again from has been such an incredible investment piece this winter, I throw it on over every kind of outfit, and it’s chic wrap silhouette keeps me warm and cosy.


I’d love to know your thoughts on winter layering; do you agree that knits and coats are the best places to invest?

What are your thoughts on a luxurious unboxing process? Let me know in the comments below!





Thank you so very much to Jaeger for collaborating with me on this post, and to Moeez for his fabulous photography.