6 Reasons to Visit the Artist Residence in London

Sometimes it’s nice to have a staycation in your own city….

… and where better to enjoy some pure relaxation, than the new blogger favourite ; the Artist Residence. Yep, chances are you’ll instantly recognise this iconic room from your instagram feed – you probably thought that these grand arches, flamboyant bed frames and terribly photogenic bath tub shots were taken in some country mansion in the middle of nowhere, but no. Tucked away on the streets of Pimlico is my new favourite place for a London staycation.

The Artist Residence is a small but luxurious boutique, with its quirky rooms bursting with character; high ceilings, handpicked bold furniture and that heavenly bath tub, there isn’t much to not like. Quietly tucked away in the neighbourhood of Pimlico, just a five minute walk from Victoria Station, we were able to forget the hustle and bustle of London for the night and snap away to our hearts content; because let’s face it – it’s #InstagramGoals.

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If the photogenic interiors aren’t already enough to persuade you, here are 6 reasons to visit the Artist Residence.

1. Home From Home 

There are plenty of big and fabulous hotels in London, but sometimes all you want is a homely and relaxing feel after what seems like an exhausting day and night in the city. Fortunate enough, the rustic-luxe 10 bedroom abode did not disappoint and provided the most tranquil and cosy experience. In fact, when walking into the Grand Suite of the Artist Residence, it was more like arriving at a friends house for the night, albeit a very luxurious one!

2. A Romantic Getaway 

The Artist Residence’s oozing character and charm with the added benefit of its intimate ambience just makes the perfect bolthole for a whirlwind romantic trip. Being in the heart of London, it means your just a moment away from everything the capital has to offer! Perfect for date days and nights!

3. The Rooms 

From £160 a night, each of the 10 rooms spread across 4 floors, are extremely unique and fun with even the smallest of stylish touches and vintage film posters hung on the walls. The Grand Suite bolsters a charming feel, what with its distressed-wood surfaces and espresso machine which are the perfect match for the green mohair armchairs to sit in and watch the world go by. Far from feeling cramped (as is too often the case with London boutique hotel rooms!) , the furnishings create a personalised and quirky feel.

4.The Bathroom

If the charming decor isn’t enough to make you want to visit this stylish boutique hotel, then the bathroom alone should do it for you. The huge stand-alone bathtub cannot be missed, along with the repurposed rustic wooden ladder filled with amazing, full-sized Bramley products, which are of course natural and smell heavenly. The marble double basins are simply #InstagramGoals that I need to re-create in my bathroom at home. The ‘rustic meets luxury’ ambience shouldn’t necessarily work, but does, as it creates a spa-like bathroom and provides the ultimate sense of indulgence.

5.The Welcoming Staff 

I can not write a review about the Artist Residence London without mentioning the incredibly welcoming staff. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a big smile and were quickly taken up to our room. There was a problem with our room key, but while they sorted it for us, we were  treated to a glass of bubbly, and cocktail vouchers for the bar below. Before we had even finished our drinks, the room was ready, and boy was it worth the wait!

6.The Food
Its not just the decor or staff that are fabulous, but the menu too. What was once a Victorian pub is now The Cambridge Street Kitchen. As the menu changes seasonly you can be sure to find something scrummy. While I have only been for a Sunday Lunch, (which was truly amazing) I hope to one day to return to sample their main menu. Meanwhile, if you fancy a cocktail, you can go down to the basement where the Clarendon Cocktail Cellar is and choose from many of the art-inspired cocktails.

The attention to detail is most impressive, and you can tell every single piece of furniture and art-work has been thoroughly thought about. Now that I’ve discovered the Artist Residence in London, I just need to tick their Brighton and Cornwall residences off the list too (and am eagerly awaiting the opening of their Oxford location!).

Have you stayed at the Artist Resident in London before, or will you be heading there soon? Let me know your thoughts on it.