Clarins Sunkissed Collection – Worth the Investment?

Clarins Summer 2017 Sunkissed Makeup Collection Review

Oh it feels good to be photographing beauty products again! After a short break where fashion and travel seemed to take over my life, and my blog and YouTube channel… I am back to beauty and couldn’t resist photographing and sharing with you the stunning newly launched Clarins Summer 2017 Sunkissed collection.

Each year, Clarins make subtle tweaks to their cult products such as their bronzers and eye palettes, and make us lust for them all over again with swoon-worthy packaging and irresistible shades and formulations. Summer 2017 is no different – the collection which is available to buy as of today is stunning to behold thanks to the very on-trend palm print packaging, the palettes almost look mythically set in an amber resin – and what’s inside is equally as fabulous.

My favourite each year is always the. Clarins bronzer is fail safe. It’s huge, so I feel like I’m getting good value for my money, and you will not ever look orange or muddy with their heavenly formulas. The large circular pan has a deep matte bronzing shade (of which there are 3 to choose from) as well as a coral blush, to add that gorgeous warmth to the complexion, or to be applied carefully as a blush shade. The collocations are reminiscent of a setting sun, and flatter all skin tones.

As with most of the Clarins collection (if not all, but I can’t be 100% sure), the bronzer contains the Clarins Anti-Pollution complex. Being a city dweller means I am all to aware of the havoc that pollution causes to my skin, so it’s fabulous that now my makeup as well as my skincare can help protect. There’s also a light optimising complex as well as a ‘micro patch vegetal’ (no, I haven’t got a clue either) which apparently helps to protect, illuminate and hydrate the skin. While my chemistry knowledge may not be up to scratch, I do know that I love the way this bronzer looks and feels on my skin, and at £30 I think it’s most definitely worth the investment – the size alone means this one will last me months.

Fans of the – rejoice! The new summer collection features 4 new shades, and they’re absolutely beautiful. If you’re yet to try them, you’re probably intrigued at what exactly they are and do – they’re not an oil, but not a gel or lip gloss either – instead they’re some hybrid between the three. Comfort wise they’re incredibly comfortable and nourishing on the lips, and also give a gorgeous very subtle hint of colour (apart from the mint which thankfully doesn’t leave lips looking ice blue!) although they do feel a tad sticky due to the thick formula.

The scents of these are incredibly fun – candy is my favourite, it’s sweet without being sickly, but the others; mint, honey and tangerine are equally as fab. They’re £19 each which is pretty steep in my opinion for a lip oil, but they’re really unique in the beauty market and have a real cult following so most definitely worth a try!

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The Eyeshadow Palette

When I first opened it, I instantly thought of an Autumnal makeup look due to the vibrant orange shades within the Clarins Summer 2017 , but once I applied to my fresh-from-the-Maldives tanned skin, my mind was instantly changed. Giving beautiful pigmentation for a build able eyeshadow look, the colours glow of warmth and summer sunsets. The shimmer within them makes me long to wear the shades after a day on the beach and they truly do look incredible with a tan. The orange is far more wearable that I imagined and all four shades are delightfully build able allowing you to control the amount of drama for your eye look!

Waterproof Pencils

Another launch which I’ll be excited to take on my next holiday are the new shades of the. The shades, Gold and Copper are both incredibly flattering, and the pencil itself is soft on the skin; so no pulling on delicate eyelids. I am yet to test out their ability of being waterproof, but if I trust any brand’s claims of a product being waterproof, it’s Clarins!

Pore Perfecting Foundation

You’ll notice the foundation isn’t in the photos and the reason for this is because I actually passed on my samples to friends, because they really did not work out for my skin. Usually I adore all Clarins bases; especially the BB Skin Detox, and I had high hopes for the and it’s promises of long lasting matte skin, but instead I found it totally disappeared on my chin and cheeks after just a couple of hours, and there was simply nothing special about the way it left my complexion looking. I’ll look forward to hearing how my pals get along with it, but sorry Clarins, this one isn’t for me!

Of course, I can’t possibly leave this review feature on a negative note, so to finish let me tell you about the which I first introduced to you in my Spring Beauty Launches video. This product really took my by surprise. As someone who often checks the mirror toward the middle of the day and is horrified to see a shiny forehead and nose, this little gold box is a handbag essential.

Inside, a sheer pressed powder which contains plant extracts and ratifying white clay is the top level, and underneath, lift up the white sponge to reveal a mini set of blotting papers. The translucent powder is a fabulous finishing step for your makeup routine; blurring pores and keeping shine at bay, while the tissues are fabulous for mattifying on the go.

I reach for this every day at around 3pm to check that my complexion is perfectly mattified and I just know I’ll continue to rely on this into the summer months. I know, I know. Powders and blotting papers are nothing new, and there are great ones on the market already – but this little set is just perfect for popping in the bag and keeping you matte all day long.

Will you be trying anything out from the Clarins Summer 2017 Sunkissed Collection? Let me know what you like the sound of, and if you’ve tried anything!

The collection is available from today; 9th April and you can view the full collection on the Clarins website here.