9 Products that will Up Your Natural Beauty Game

You Don’t Have To Make Sacrifices for Natural Beauty

I used to think that I’d be somehow ‘downgrading’ my beauty routine by switching to natural products; that I’d be forgoing on the luxurious fragrances, silky textures and noticeable effects on my skin. I was very wrong. Over the past year or so, I’ve started to switch in a lot more natural beauty products into my routine; from deodorant and haircare, to moisturisers and perfumes.

It’s no secret that a lot of beauty products that we apply to our skin contain toxins which over time can be harmful to our bodies and not to mention the fact that so many ingredients have not even been thoroughly tested for their safety when applied to our skin. We want out skincare to be absorbed into our bodies so that we can reap the rewards, but when you think that 60% of the product that’s absorbed can be made up of chemicals, it’s not so pleasant.

I understand that like me, many don’t want to make the switch to more natural beauty products because they think they’ll be somehow making a sacrifice on the quality of the products that they’ll be using, and yet with so many innovations and launches within the natural beauty space, that’s no longer the case.

Here are a few of my current favourite products which I’ve been switching into my beauty routine lately, to make it more natural.

Nyasa Skincare

Nyasa’s selling point isn’t the fact that they’re a natural brand; but that their products give you great results. It’s high performance skincare that gives the skin exactly what it needs in order to function perfectly and have that desirable healthy glow; all the while being a pleasant experience to use, and natural too.

The first product that I tried from the brand was their Pure Glow Nourishing Cleansing Balm. Balms are always a luxurious way to remove makeup so I was incredibly excited to try a natural alternative to my current favourites. Immediately I was impressed by the soft texture; I applied to my skin and enjoyed the soft but pleasantly floral scent as I massaged away the days makeup. It felt like a pampering experience and my skin instantly felt fresh and looked radiant – I even commented on how great my skin looked while the product was on my face!! At £50, you do expect a luxurious experience – and you absolutely get one with the Pure Glow balm – and the ultimate test? Yes, I quite happily replaced my existing cleanser with this new discovery.

Ingredients include the resurrection plant which helps to strengthen and rehydrate the skin, as well as anti-oxidising enzymes which clean and exfoliate the skin, as the Sweet Almond and Rosehip oils replenish and soften the skin leaving it fresh and rejuvenated.

The Metamorphosis Facial Oil is equally as luxurious to use; with long term benefits of plumping and boosting the elasticity within the skin, it’s a natural product which offers serious benefits. I apply a few drops to clean skin before bed, and allow it to soak in as I massage gently for a few moments, before finishing with my usual night cream. In the short term, I’m already noticing a fresh glow and plump complexion each morning.


Natural Haircare

Natural haircare alternatives are starting to become more readily available, and when I say ‘natural haircare alternatives’ – I mean products that actually do a seriously good job, instead of making your hair smell great, but not reallydoing much for the long term condition of your locks. I only recently discovered , and immediately was impressed by the brands ethos. The ingredients are 100% natural, and they donate a portion of their revenue to native Amazonian tribes with whom they work on a fair-trade basis to acquire the oil for their products. The range is fairly substantial, and so far I have tried the Rainforest Grown shampoo and conditioner which is beautifully gentle, so great for using every day, but also soft enough to use on colour treated hair. Over time it promises to strengthen hair, and it even contains sea salt to help exfoliate the scalp. So far, I am impressed, and I love the fact that I am not washing my hair every day in a potion of chemicals, it’s most definitely a brand that I’d like to try more of.

For The Body

I’ve been incorporating more natural products into my body care routine for quite a while now, without even consciously making the decision to do so. Here’s what I have really been enjoying using;

Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose & Geranium Deodorant – firstly, the SMELL. Oh wow this is incredible. I’ve never liked the smell of any of the mainstream deodorant brands much, so this really took me by surprise. All the essential oils within it give a gorgeous floral scent, and as well as smelling great; it works. With clinically proven 24 hour protection, there’s no compromise here, the shikimic acid and moisture-absorbing bamboo powder naturally guard against any odours or wetness, and yet it’s gentle and a real pleasure to use.

– this product has become a real cult beauty favourite, and for good reason. It’s a deliciously rich and hydrating body cream, infused with plant oils which calm and hydrate the skin, but it also has mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which actually help to heal and care for any dry or broken skin. I am addicted to the soft glow it gives my skin, and my skin truly feels nourished after application.


Dr.Organic Virgin Olive Oil Body Scrub – as with the above product, the natural ingredients within this body scrub leave the skin feeling nourished and moisturised – but also the scrub has little particles of volcanic lava which very gently exfoliate away dead skin cells. This is the first natural body scrub I’ve tried that truly works and you feel the effect of afterwards, plus it’s totally affordable too at under £7.

Yope Natural Liquid Hand Soaps – this is a new discovery for me, and one which I am thrilled about! I have a weird obsession with having really luxurious soaps in our house so previously hadn’t wanted to switch to any natural substitutes, but I was recently kindly sent a selection of Yope’s liquid soaps, and they’re real hame changers. They have a lovely soft scent (but strong enough that you can enjoy the fragrance as you wash your hands_ thanks to the extracts such as cinnamon bark and vanilla pods. They’re 92% natural and gentle enough for those with sensitive skin too. Also; affordable, less than £6 for a pretty darn big (and pretty) bottle.

Natural Perfume

Oh boy, this is an exciting one! Neom is a brand I adore, and I am always lusting over their candles and diffusers, so I was very excited to try their first 100% natural perfume. Named Energy Burst, the fragrance is invigorating and fresh; yet you wouldn’t instantly be able to tell that it’s natural – it smells too good to believe it! With zesty lemon and rosemary, it could be worn by guys too (in fact Charlie has pinched it a couple of times!) and its freshness makes it a favourite for me to apply during and after my gym sessions. The scent is long lasting, but by no means the most long lasting fragrance I have tried. It doesn’t remain ‘strong’ for very long, but friends who have met with me hours after I have applied it, have complimented me on my scent! The bottle is beautiful too, and I think for a lovely fresh spring scent, its price tag of £49 for a 50ml bottle isn’t too bad at all.



Kiehls Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream

With lots of travel on the agenda recently, my normal moisturiser hasn’t quite been cutting it for keeping my skin looking its best, and staying hydrated, so I decided to try out the , after reading promises of ‘88% of people saying skin felt comforted immediately and 86% of people saying skin felt nourished after a week using the products’. I love the fact that it champions the natural ingredient of Manuka Honey and Korean Red Ginseng Root, and this combination makes the cream smell absolutely incredible.

I was actually surprised by the pot packaging – I thought that with it’s percentage of natural ingredients a pump may have been better, so that the ingredients don’t ‘go funny’ after being exposed to the air, but hey, I am sure Kiehls have their reasons! Plus the pot is filled right to the very top, and you can choose exactly the amount you need.

It’s more lightweight than I expected, and yet only a small amount is needed and my skin drinks it in almost immediately with no residue, so you’re good to apply your make up straight away. Having used this now for about 3 weeks (including while traveling) I have to say I am pleased with how dewy and hydrated by skin looks and feels, and I will definitely continue to use this lovely lotion when I am back home very soon.

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I’d love to know if you’ve tried making any natural switches in your beauty routine recently? Have you tried any of these products?

Let me know in the comments below!