6 Beauty Products To Help You Survive The Heatwave

Summer Heatwave Beauty Essentials

First of all, let me just say that I, for one, am absolutely loving this heatwave. Controversial opinion I know, because us Brits just aren’t designed to handle this heat. Nor are our homes (which are built to keep heat IN, and therefore become brick ovens during the night) or our makeup routines. Because we only see temperatures above the 30c mark once or twice in a year, we are never prepared for it, and it totally throws our usual routines up the spout.

Thankfully, there are a few beauty products which I use throughout the year that are absolute little gems when it comes to heatwaves. They make it not only more comfortable, but also allow your skin to breathe and still look its best, despite sweltering temperatures.

First of all though, a new discovery. You know me, I love Origins. They can do no wrong in my eyes so I was thrilled to learn that they’ve launched their GinZing tinted moisturiser in factor 40. Of course, as a tinted moisturiser it hydrates the skin which is what our complexion craves during a heatwave, but thanks to the GinZing we also get a beautiful refreshing burst tool and the antioxidant rich ingredients which also includes citrus fruits, give our skin a beautiful radiance; so less makeup is needed altogether – because who wants to be caked in thick foundation at this time of year! The SPF 40 is of course a major bonus too; but I like to apply a separate SPF either as part of my moisturiser or as a standalone product too.

Speaking of which, the Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Day Cream SPF 30. This one is a bit mind boggling because it’s a peel, and an SPF. A peel traditionally reduces the skin’s protective barrier making it more prone to sun damage, so Elemis have counteracted this by adding SPF into the product. I truly trust Elemis when it comes to moisturiser and am a long term fan of the Marine Cream, so was very excited to try out their new launch. I’ve been using it for just 3 weeks so far, but already I’m impressed. It renews and smoothes out the skin thanks to the Tri-Enzyme technology, but also hydrates thanks to the Raspberry seed oil and white truffle. Your skin benefits from broad spectrum protection too, and yet the cream acts like a normal, luxurious moisturiser – comforting and fresh to apply, and quickly absorbed so you’re ready for makeup application within a few minutes.

Throughout the day, the temptation is to wipe my face clean, cleanse, tone and lather on moisturiser. But, when I’m out and about that’s just not a possibility, so I’m relying on refreshing face mists to refresh the complexion. My current favourite is the Facial Activating Mist from The Beauty Kitchen. Firstly, it’s 100% natural so I am not spritzing a load of chemicals on my face – woohoo! But also the ingredients within it are incredibly refreshing, hydrating, and even plumping. Designed to be spritzed on after makeup, it’s a fine scented liquid moisturiser essentially, and the Abyssinian Oil and Rose Absolute act to hydrate and also plump the skin, keeping it fresh and fabulous all day. Warning; it’s addictive!!!


Another mist that’s proving incredibly useful during these humid days is the Glam Glow Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray. As opposed to a mist that I use to refresh, this is a once-a-day mist, that I apply after my makeup is done. First of all; it smells so incredible I kinda wish it was a cocktail. Seriously; it’s divine. It’s a fine mist filled with mineral charged waters (of course, this is Glam Glow after all!) as well as a hit of caffeine to wake up dull complexions. What I also love is that it contains a TEAOXI blend to fight environmental aggressors, as well as calming ingredients to soothe and hydrate – a true multi tasker! While it has all these benefits, it’s probably *not* the most effective makeup setting spray of all that I have tried, I still find Urban Decay’s setting sprays just pip them to the post when it comes to keeping my face in place; but the added benefits of the Glowsetter, and that heavily smell, are making it my current go-to!

When it comes to the body, I live for the moment I can get in a cool shower at the end of the day. My skin feels gross and all I want to do is have an epic scrub; especially as I’ve been lathering the SPF on all day. My absolute favourite scrub at the moment by miles is the Clinique. The Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream is the grainiest, scrubbiest of scrubs I think I’ve ever tried. I love a scrub that has fine particles, and lots of them – because I feel like I get a thorough deep clean but as they’re small, my skin doesn’t feel aggravated. This is also brilliant for smoothing the skin before fake tanning, or even buffing away any fake tan remenants for when you need to start fresh. For me I just adore giving myself a weekly body cleanse with this before allowing myself to submerge in some indulgent body butter – pure bliss!

Finally, care for the hair. My bleached hair needs extra attention under the UV rays, and thankfully I received a lovely delivery from Kerastase recently of their new Soleil UV Defence Active range. The Masque is my current favourite; a refreshing scent and exactly what coloured hair needs to repair and reinforce, after a day of sun exposure. I apply this to towel dried hair, lather it on, and pamper myself while the Photo-Defence filters and active UBA and UVB protecting ingredients work their magic to create a barrier on the hair, as well as strengthening and reinforcing to improve the surface of the hair. Even my bleached hair looks shiny and feels soft and manageable after 10 minutes or so of the treatment, and I apply it once a week.


So these are the products that I am extremely grateful for during this heatwave that we are currently experiencing! I hope you’ve found this useful, but I’d also love to know what products you’re relying on during these scorching days! Let me know in the comments below!