WHAT TO PACK // City Break Beauty Essentials

City Breaks can be challenging when it comes to packing…

Do you take hand luggage? Cabin bags only? Will you need suncream (yes!) and do you really need to take your normal cleanser or is that a waste of precious space?! We all have the same dilemmas when it comes to packing beauty products for a city break, especially as the last thing we want to do is mess up our usual beauty routine while we are away from home. Travelling regularly for work means that I now pretty much don’t bother unpacking my travel beauty bag. I’ve got the contents down to a fine art, and it’s only when something runs out that I replace it. Travel minis are my best friends; I hoard them in all kinds of places – shoe boxes, drawers, under the bed – you name it, they’re all over the house! And when it comes to travel minis and those other essentials that you don’t want to fly without, there’s a one stop shop that caters for all my needs, and luckily, it’s right on the highstreet – Boots of course!


So of course my first essential for city breaks, UK and abroad, is SPF. I don’t need to explain the importance of SPF, you guys know that already, but what I will let you know about are a few of my favourite ways to apply it. I love to apply P20 SPF 20 or 30 on any areas of skin that will be exposed during the day; arms, chest, shoulders, legs etc – personally I find it to be one of the best ‘all day’ sun protection creams (or oils as it is more of an oil consistency) so you can rest assured that you’ll have a layer of protection before you eve leave your hotel room. However, for those areas that are the most exposed and that require more protection, I have a new secret weapon; the La Roche Posay Anthelion Face Mist. This little bottle is genius. An SPF 30 that you mist on, it could not be easier. It works over makeup and can be done in seconds. I keep one in my handbag for top ups on the go; anytime, anywhere!
Thirdly, and one that’s great for top ups or problem areas (such as your nose!) is the No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Sun Protection Stick – SPF50. Another dinky product that you can pop into the smallest of bags, this is great for those areas that need extra care.

Hand Gel

OK, so this is one I have in my handbag all the time, not just for city breaks – but when the constant temptations of Ice Cream or Tapas are calling your name, you’ll want to be able to sanitise on the go. Boots have loads of options, I picked up this one from Soap & Glory while topping up on other holiday essentials, and once again, small enough for cabin bags and the tiniest of handbags!

Self Tan

I’m sure it’s not just me that likes to return from overseas trips with a bit of colour! But, we all know how a genuine tan is damaging to the skin, so if you’re wise with your SPF, you’ll want to turn to some self tanning alternatives in order to get that colour. Boots has every option you could possibly dream of, but I’ve got a few favourites that I keep going back to. Firstly, for when I want to wake up with a beautiful glow, the St Tropez Luxe Facial Oil. I apply this to cleansed skin just before bed, wash my hands, and then let the skin nourishing ingredients pamper my complexion while I sleep. The best bit? You wake up with the most beautiful subtle tan – and you can build it up over the next few evenings until you get the colour you desire. I’ve gone through many bottles and would highly recommend it – it smells great, has plenty of skin loving oils to pamper you while you sleep, and the most beautiful, natural tan.

A more affordable facial tanner which I also adore is by Garnier. Their mists are incredible fool proof to use, they’re affordable, and deliver an amazing colour. I discovered these in one of the boots Airport stores, and I’m now hooked! If I want a quick tan top up, I just mist my face (after cleansing), leave it for a few minutes, and then apply my makeup as usual. I’m yet to try the body mists, but if they’re as great as the facial version, then they should be a game changer!

Finally, for an instant flawless look, you won’t be surprised to hear me talk about the Vita Liberata Body Blur. This is truly a remarkable product; transforming plain or pasty limbs into glowing goddess worthy pins! Like an airbrushing makeup for your legs (or arms / chest, wherever!) it takes just a few moments to apply, and the results are instant. There’s no wonder it’s a firm favourite of the Victoria’s Secret Models!! It’s a little pricey, so I always keep a look out for Boots beauty offers, such as it was on a Buy One Get One Half Price when I shopped – result!

Travel Minis

This is where the fun begins! Travel minis are like a pick and mix of your favourite products. Grab your usual favourites or try something new without splurging out on a full size version. Personally I need deep conditioner and a violet toned shampoo to keep my hair looking its best so I grab the Charles Worthington Violet Take Away shampoo, and a conditioner from Aussie – my favourite is their Three Minute Miracle which I’ve been taking on holidays with me since I was in my teens! As well as shampoos, I also always pack a mini dry shampoo, and my go to product; Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo, also comes in a handy mini version.

Don’t Forget The Essentials!

As well as being my go – to for beauty, hair, and skincare pieces, Boots is also my one stop shop for travel essentials including charging cables, adapters, packs of tissues, plasters, even big, soft makeup bags that squash perfectly into your cabin bag. If you forget anything, no stress – there’s a Boots store in most airport terminals so you can pick up any Summer essentials you may have forgotten!
My top tip would be to make a note on your phone of all the essentials (the above plus of course your passport, currency etc) and then you can refer to it as a checklist each and every time you travel!

What are your go to essentials for City Breaks? Let me know in the comments below!


Thanks to Boots for collaborating on this post!