Postcards from Paris

Good Morning! Or Bonjour, should I say!

Last week, I spent a couple of days in beautiful Paris. It’s my fourth time visiting the city this year, and each and every time I fall a little more in love with the city. This time, I arrived alone, and had an entire day by myself to explore the city. I was grateful for my previous trips – they allowed me a basic sense of direction and I knew exactly where to head to get those all important instagram photos before our busy day the following morning! If you watched my vlog of the trip, you’ll already know how the above photo was taken just moments after a flock of birds all decided to poo on me at once – yep, you read that right! My brand new white Topshop jumpsuit is now smattered with bright green patches (and nope, it’s not washing out!) and I thought I was being mugged when a couple rushed to ‘clean’ my Valentino bag after the incident… oh what an eventful morning!

But on a brighter note, I wasn’t mugged (they really were just trying to help!), my bag wiped clean, and the jumpsuit… well.. at least it looks OK from the front, right?!

The following day was when the fun really began. Having not played tennis since I was in school (and even then, very badly!), I was a little apprehensive about our Tennis masterclass, even more so when we discovered that we were being tutored by tennis champions, Barbara Schett, and Wimbledon winner, Pat Cash. The experience was surreal but also got me excited to play the sport again, maybe now I’ll be able to keep up with Mum – she is a pro after all since she plays ‘Rusty Rackets’ every week with her friends! After the masterclass, we headed to the Roland Garros French Open, as guests of Eurosport, we had Access All Areas so first stop was The Village, where we mingled with Olympic Gold Medalists and Tennis superstars including Lindsay Vonn, Chrissie Evert, Borris Becker and John McEnroe. It was truly one of the most mind blowing day, and I’m eternally grateful for Eurosport for inviting me along.

After watching (from our INCREDIBLE seats) the Women’s Semi Finals, we beelined for the Eurosport HQ; they’ve covered the French Open for over 20 years, so it’s a smooth operation; but a big one at that! With the sport coverage being shown in over 50 countries, and content being created in 7 languages, they made it look surprisingly simple! We toured the studios, witnessed LIVE interviews, and discovered how they selected the scenes to be shown on the channels. (Watch the Tennis final and more, live on Eurosport here)

Then it was back to London on the Eurostar – time to digest what an incredible day we’d had! Make sure to watch the vlog here for more!


What I Wore


Exploring Paris

White Jumpsuit

Valentino Bag

Gold Shoes

Circle Necklace

Circle Earrings


At The Tennis

White Dress

Pink Shoes