What I’m Wearing On Repeat This Summer

The White Dress

You know sometimes you leave a store after splurging on something special, and get that instant remorse that you shouldn’t have? Well, that’s what happened with . Shopping with friends, I was smitten in the fitting rooms. The flattering lighting, the complimentary accessories, and the cooing from the girls made me splurge far more than I would normally spend on a Summer day dress, and for a couple of weeks it hung in my wardrobe, price tag still attached, on the edge of being returned.

But then, one day I pulled it out, determined to get some wear from it. From that moment, I fell in love. Pairing this with my own heels, my own bags, it suddenly felt as though it belonged in my wardrobe, and from that day, it’s become one of the most worn pieces in my Summer wardrobe.

What I love about pieces from premium highstreet stores, is that you are investing in quality, timeless styles, and that’s exactly what this dress is. It’s an elegant and feminine length, with enough design details such as the small beading around the neckline and the staggered frills on the skirt to make it feel incredibly special, and yet it’s a classic and timeless style that’s not dictated by any trends.

Of course, I always consider what occasions I’d wear such pieces to before making the purchase decision, and of course aside from weddings, this dress would make for the perfect occasion dress for Summer events, as well as days at meetings, meeting friends, and of course a beautiful holiday piece.

This #ootd is my current favourite way to style it. A day time look complete with , and , I smartened the look up with my affordable which are comfortable enough for an entire day’s shopping!

Oh, did I mention the dress is currently in SALE? Shop it with £50 off the RRP .


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What are you wearing on repeat this Summer?