How To Create Calm in Your Home | Jo Malone Charity Candle – Iris & Lady Moore

How To Create Instant Calm in your Home

Scents is the most powerful of our senses for evoking emotions, memories and reactions, they can have a negative or positive impact our our wellbeing, so it’s no surprise that many of us choose to fill our homes with pleasant fragrances. Nothing denotes an inviting and comfortable home quite like the smell of home baking, or a lit candle burning in the evening. A fresh, clean smelling home can leave you feeling accomplished, elevated, or perhaps you’ll choose a scent, whether consciously or unconsciously that triggers emotions and memories that subconsciously affect our well-being.

Fragrances can help with our productivity, they can help us wind down at night, and they can make you happier so it’s important not to just burn any candle, here’s my guide to creating a scent to smell your way to a happier home!

Wake Up Call

I adore jasmine as a whole, but it’s also the perfect morning scent as it increases the brain waves associated with alertness – the beta waves. Similarly geranium is fresh and invigorating so a lovely scent for first thing in the day. Geranium is one of the key notes in this year’s Jo Malone London Charity Candle, the Iris & Lady Moore candle. The proceeds from the candle supports the Jo Malone gardens throughout the UK (you may remember the Peony & Moss candle which worked in the same way, I wrote about that here) which offer training and support to those that have become vulnerable due to mental health issues. As with last years candle, the Iris & Lady Moore edition is a pleasure for multiple senses, not just for the fragrance but visually too – the colourful floral glass makes quite the statement, while the soft Iris scent mixed with fresh geranium give it an unusual and vivacious fragrance.

Shop the Jo Malone London Iris & Lady Moore Charity Candle, for £46 here.