An Introduction to Armani Prima Skincare

An Introduction To Armani Prima Skincare

My first introduction to skincare from Armani was their . It was a product that I adored and used on a daily basis to enhance and prolong my makeup; and hoping that the rest of the Armani Prima range would live up to the makeup spray, I was determined to try more.

Firstly, I can’t ignore the fact that the collection looks absolutely beautiful lined up on any dressing table! The soft white and golden casing is simple and beautiful, but it’s the products inside that truly wowed me. First up, the . I use it mostly for reducing dark circles and under eye bags, but it can also be used on the lips to contour and perfect the area. Jojoba butter gives hydration and reduces fine lines which is a great benefit before applying coloured lipstick or tightening the lines under your eyes.

Another product which is super for enhancing makeup is the . I use it as a primer to smooth and reduce shine on the face; the active ingredient is the Prima Skin Complex which also absorbs sebum and mattifies the area that it touches, keeping the skin regulated and the perfect base for applying foundation or BB cream over the top. The light floral scent is pleasant and delicate, and you can apply over your moisturiser to smooth the skin, or just use it on targeted areas to counteract any oiliness.

Probably my favourite piece from the range is the . It’s designed to give a healthy glow that makes for the perfect base for makeup. It’s a thick and luxurious balm which gives the skin hydration for 24 hours and also gives a lovely softening and plumping effect which makes the skin look healthy and fresh throughout the entire day. I really notice the effects of the balm on days when I’m in town all day for meetings; I look in the mirror at 5pm expecting to be horrified with the state of my skin and makeup, but find it still looks healthy and fresh, as though my makeup has been freshly applied. For this, I’ll be forever grateful!


I was very intrigued to try the . It has the effects of a peel but with the smoothing effects of a moisturising serum. The peel gently eliminates dead skin cells and tightens the pores to give the skin continual radiance; its a wonderful product to use on a long term basis to maintain a beautiful glow and ensure skin is resurfaced gently over time. I must say, having used this for about 5 weeks now, my skin has a lovely soft and healthy glow even between pampering ‘exfoliating’ sessions with my facial scrub and I’m sure I have the peeling lotion to thank.

Lastly, the. While I’m a big fan of double cleansing and using oil within my cleansing routine, I have to say I’m not a huge fan of foaming cleansers as I find them a little harsh on my skin. I use this only once or twice a week when in the shower (I find foaming cleansers a little messy otherwise) and it’s very effective at removing all makeup, even waterproof mascara. I love that almond oil is one of the main ingredients, I find it softening on the skin which perhaps counteracts any harshness from the foaming ingredients, and the formula is incredibly comfortable as it melts into the skin before turning creamy as you massage in.

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