A Millenial’s Etiquette Guide to Brunch

An Etiquette Guide to Brunch

It’s no secret that us millennials are obsessed with brunch. The hybrid meal encompassing breakfast and lunch is a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends, and often recover from the night before, while also preparing for the night ahead. Brunch typically starts as close to noon as possible, but not usually before, thanks to the cocktails often consumed during the meal!

Today, I thought I’d share a few etiquette tips on the perfect brunch scenario, following the Le Grand Fizz Brunch club that I attended earlier this week with Grey Goose. At the brunch, we experienced bespoke Le Grand Fizz cocktails with individual twists to compliment each of the taste profiles; Sweet, Savoury, Bitter, Umami and Salt. Each of the cocktails was a twist on the classic Le Grand Fizz created with the premium French vodka, Grey Goose. Of course no brunch is complete without a selection of tasty dishes so the French themed canapés (including the most scrumptious cinnamon filo cups with creme fraiche served with strawberries for the sweet profile) and French Toast toppings curated by Anna Barnett paired perfectly with the cocktails, further highlighting the various taste profiles. We personalised our brunch dishes with a variety of herbs, spices and botanicals from the ‘living wall’ and added delicious toppings including smoked bacon, edible flowers, fruits, and even popcorn! If only every brunch was this exciting!

The highlight of the brunch of course was tasting the Le Grand Fizz cocktail – a simple and elegant cocktail, comprising of Grey Goose vodka, lime juice, elderflower liquor and soda. The components can easily be twisted endlessly to create variations to explore taste which Grey Goose did it this year with Dan Berger head of bars at The Ned.

How To Organise a Brunch

The biggest blessing but also the biggest problem with brunch is that it most commonly occurs on a Saturday or Sunday; of course the two dates which always follow Friday and Saturday nights. The last thing you want on a weekend morning is to show up to the agreed time and place only to discover that you’re the only one of your friends who managed to drag themselves away from the duvet, or perhaps one of your fiends is in fact still partying on from the night before! Therefore, when organising a brunch the first etiquette for us millennials is that communication is key. If you haven’t heard from your pals the morning of your brunch date, it’s not worth leaving the house!

Don’t Confuse Brunch and Lunch

Many brunch menus will include food items from both a breakfast and a lunch menu, but be warned. If you go for a salad or a sandwich, you’re not a true brunch goer. You can have a salad or sandwich anywhere, any day of the week, yet when do you make time to sit down and cherish your breakfast? Chances are, it was the last time you went for brunch. Make the most of the fact that you have the calorie count of two meals to enjoy, so go for those extra toppings on your pancakes or french toast!

Brunch only counts if you leave the house
I know, I know, you do the best avocado on toast and you begrudge paying £2 per extra Clarence Court egg they serve with your Eggs Benedict, but brunch is only brunch if you’re paying a 300% premium on everything you eat! A Le Grand Fizz cocktail equally is easy to make at home but it’s just not quite the same as being handed a perfectly crafted cocktail ready to enjoy with your brunch.


Are you brunch fan? Have you tried a Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz cocktail yet? Let me know in the comments below!

You can experience a Le Grand Fizz brunch at Carousel, London on the 12th August – tickets available here!



This post has been created in partnership with Grey Goose