The Best Investment Buys for Autumn 2017

Spend Vs Save – How To Invest in Accessories this Autumn

At this time of year when we are beginning to adopt the new seasons trends, it’s safe to say that there’s a certain amount of uncertainty in the air, and it’s unwise to rush into any rash purchase decisions. In our hasty pursuit of the newest trends, it’s tempting to temporarily satisfy the urge to splurge on standout pieces, but in my experience it is wiser to think further ahead, and invest in pieces with staying power.

For me, the holy grail of a shopping trip is the purchase of a piece that is timeless, and of great quality. A garment or accessory that adds untold value to any wardrobe repertoire; blending seamlessly in with your existing pieces and transcending both trends and seasons. While it may be tempting to beeline for the bargain rales of end of summer stock, I’ve always found it to be far more wise to shell out a little more and get those pieces that will delivery the ultimate cost per wear value.

When it comes to fashion garments, the key to wearable and timeless pieces should always be the focus on fit. The most wearable pieces will be those that incorporate tailoring such as a well cut shirt or coat, and they will outlast any on trend runway piece.

Personally, I prefer to invest in accessories. I’ve mentioned many times especially on my YouTube channel how choosing a few key accessories helps to elevate an entire outfit can give even a highstreet look a more expensive feel.

Let’s start with shoes. This season a key piece within my autumn wardrobe are these Gucci mules – the backless Princetown slippers have become an iconic piece and a real symbol for the brand, and the vivid leopard spots and smooth calf hair make these a standout version of the timeless style. I considered going for a more ‘classic’ style, in black or brown perhaps, but no – I decided I wanted people to notice my footwear, I wanted to make a statement, and what better way to dress up jeans and a cosy knit, as in this #ootd, than with a bold pattern.

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My favourite place to invest in my wardrobe when it comes to a new season is always bags. A bag is often one of the first things that an onlooker will notice about your outfit, and they can be worn with so many of your ensembles. When it comes to choosing a bag, I look for styles that I believe will last and not go out of style as soon as the season is over, and a colour that will work with the majority of my wardrobe. Material wise, I like bags that are made from something more hardwearing such as this Saint Laurent Sunset bag made from croc effect leather. The hardwearing material means I’m not too precious about the accessory, and will wear it as an everyday handbag – aka the ultimate cost per wear!

Together, the bag and shoes have the ability to elevate this very casual outfit, showing the power of making wise decisions when it comes to choosing where you invest this season. As for the rest of the look, I opted for a cropped hem detail in both my jumper and my jeans. A classic white or cream knit is something that you’ll find yourself wearing over and over again and this one from the premium end of the highstreet is the perfect quality and style to last me through the season. Equally, this cropped hem style on the jeans is a nod to the season’s denim trend, but remaining wearable and classic and just so easy to style into an everyday look.

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How will you be investing this Autumn? Do you agree that accessories make the greatest statement? Let me know in the comments below!


p.s –  I’ve been getting so many questions about my mani! It’s the shellac mani from London Grace!