The £4.99 Face Mask That Solves All Your Autumn Skincare Concerns

One Mask Fits All?

Surely one face mask can’t solve all skincare needs, can it? Especially not one with an under £5 price tag. Some days we need a hit of hydration, and other times we need a boost of energy, or perhaps something to calm some redness. Well, that’s what the new claims to do, and recently I put the new launch from the USA’s number one face mask brand to the test, and was very pleasantly surprised by the results.

There’s something I find very satisfying about making up my own face mask, and while I am not quite ready to concoct the entire pamper product from scratch using organic ingredients from my kitchen cupboard, the Yes To mask is a great way to DIY your pamper routine, but with a base product that’s filled with skincare goodness. Sunday afternoons are usually my allotted pamper sessions, and the process of actually blending a mask together is part of the relaxation routine.

With the Yes To Coconut Moisturising Powder to Clay mask, the best part is that alongside the hydrating coconut powder (which is 99% natural, free from Parabens, SLS, and silicones) you can choose what you add to the formula depending on your skin’s needs. I often reach for a face mask to calm any areas of redness on my skin, so for this skin concern, Yes To recommend mixing a few drops of green tea into your mask. For a moisture boost, mix with yogurt (this instantly feels calming on the skin and if you apply with yogurt straight from the fridge, it’s delightfully cooling and refreshing too!) or perhaps mix with avocado to nourish the skin – perfect for when the temperature drops and harsh weather conditions combined with central heating can play havoc with complexions.

DIY Face Mask Cheat Sheet

To Nourish the Skin

Mash up a quarter of an avocado and mix with the Yes To Coconut Moisturising Powder to Clay. Add a few drops of water to liquify the consistency before application.

To Smooth the Skin

Apply some calming and soothing honey (preferably organic!) to the mixture, apply water slowly to perfect the consistency.

For a Moisture Boost

Add some yogurt to your mixed clay formula, stirring it in to create a smooth paste.

To add radiance to the Skin.

Pour a few drops of Orange Juice – fresh, not from concentrate – to your face mask to add a healthy glow to your complexion.

To Energise the Skin

A squeeze of lemon juice will energise the skin, after applying a few drops of water to the mask, squeeze in the juice of half a lemon.

To Reduce Redness

The calming properties of Green Tea will help reduce redness. Allow your green tea to brew and cool before using the liquid to blend together your Powder to Clay formula.

As well as the clay powder, your DIY face mask kit from Yes To comes with a little cardboard mixing bowl and a spatula – all disposable so no washing up to do! I recommend adding water drop by drop so as not to make the mask too runny – it’s like icing sugar – you need less than you might think! The mask itself has a pleasant and soft coconut scent, nothing too overpowering, and it feels calming and nourishing on the skin, even without the added ingredients. My personal favourite combination however is honey – particularly a this time of year when my skin needs a little soothing, it’s perfect for my weekly pamper session.

Once the mask is applied, I like to take 10-20 minutes of relaxation and me-time, trying to stay away from social media and screens while the mask works its magic. The mask doesn’t usually dry – which is good as when a mask becomes dry and crisp on the skin it often means it’s drawing moisure from your skin! I remove with a flannel and warm water before applying a light moisturiser to the skin.

No matter what I add to the Powder to Clay mask, I find my skin feels moisturised and softened after application, and thanks to the ‘down time’ I feel more energised too! A perfect combination.


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Have you ever tried a DIY Face Mask? Do you like the idea of choosing your ingredients to tailor to your skins needs? Let me know in the comments below!


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