How To Keep Your Skin Glowing This Autumn

A Seasonal Skincare Switch Up

More than at any other time of year, when we move into the cooler Autumn months, I notice the biggest change in my skin, and have to switch up my skincare accordingly. Like many others, I notice a change in the oiliness of my skin especially; we often experience over or under production once summer ends as we are no longer exposed to the sun which dries our skin, and outdoor conditions provide new challenges that I skin often struggles to keep up with.

Also, during summer we often find ourselves drinking more water and exercising frequently, and if this slows down in autumn then our skin has to find ways to adjust. Seeking moisture from it’s own oil production means that at this time of year we often see a drop in our skin’s overall health – who else has been experiencing breakouts, irritation and a change in skin texture lately?! I know I have!

I am a great believer in sticking to a great skincare routine, discovering the products that work for you and then sticking with them, but maintaining the exact same routine all year round may mean that your skin isn’t getting the TLC it needs – especially when it comes to moisture and vitamins at this time of year. So, today I’m sharing some new products that could work well for your Autumnal skincare switch up, all including ingredients that promote and offer additional hydration during autumn.


Putting an oil on oily skin…?!

Yes, yes, yes. Counterintuitive as it sounds, oils are often a saviour when you have breakouts or over oily skin. Many oils contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds and are also packed with vitamins and anti-orients to her, protect and hydrate skin. They won’t clog your pores and make you go even oilier, in fact if you try to combat congested or problematic skin with harsh products that strip oils from the skin, our skin over compensates for the reduction of oils, by producing even more with worsens the congestion or skin problem.

I have very recently been introduced to the – it’s hydrolipidic, comprising of both oil and water, and gives immediate relief to dehydrated skin. For the past week I’ve been applying with my daily moisturiser after noticing my skin starting to look and feel dehydrated, and the improvement has been almost instant – I’m hooked!

With La Mer’s signature sea sourced ingredients, it has can be used on the face, body and hair and is designed to infuse skin with a look of youth. I associate La Mer with a fresh and glowing complexion, and the Renewal Oil seems to be the quickest route to achieve exactly that. The silky texture makes it a pleasure to apply, it feels more like a lightweight serum than an oil on the skin, and even after applying foundation skin looks noticeably more energised and fresh. It may be early days for me, but I am looking forward to using this incredible oil throughout Autumn and beyond.

Available from NET-A-PORTER .

Glow From Within

Drinking lots of water and eating foods with a high water content will help prevent the skin from drying out, and in addition it’s important to seek ingredients in your skincare and makeup products that will hydrate the skin and help it to retain moisture all day long. Ingredients such as rosehip oil and vitamin E help to keep the skin plump looking and hydrated, while jojoba, aloe vera and shea butter keep cells functioning optimally, allowing them to maximise skin’s water retention. A product I have used for many years is the . The entire range is designed to protect skin from dehydration, and the mask allows you to nourish the skin while you sleep, meaning you wake up with a dewy and radiant complexion. The formula is intensely hydrating and you feel instant soothing upon application – skin feels hydrated and plump thanks to the mask enabling the skin to better retain moisture, and long lasting comfort and nourishment can be felt upon the complexion.

Recently, I started to try out the , also from Clinique. This light weight foundation not only creates a luminous base upon application thanks to the light reflecting formula, but it also enables skin to glow without makeup when you wear it every day, thanks to the Vitamin C within the formula. It has SPF 15 and I’d describe it as a long wearing yet light formula – I need to apply a little extra concealer to any blemishes as well as lighten my under eye circles, but it certainly gives me the glow that I crave during this time of year!

A skincare product that I’ve started to use on a daily basis is the . With the aim of recapturing the luminosity of younger-looking skin, I held off from using it over summer, fairly happy with the luminosity that my skin had naturally, but it’s now that the seasons are changing and my skins natural glow begins to fade that I am craving its incredible benefits. The formula targets dark spots redness and also greying skin, using the science of light to target the three types of skin discolouration with a rare caviar extract to lift and firm the skin. I’ve been using morning and evening over my face and neck after cleansing and before moisturising.

Night Time Care

We all know that our skin heals and regenerates while we sleep, so it’s important to adapt our evening skincare routines to maximise that glow while we catch some Zzzs! For a while now I’ve been obsessed with the . These and their infamous Ceramide Capsules are such a pleasure to use, and are an impactful part of my evening routine. With Arden’s Advanced MIX concentrate, they help the skin to repair itself while we sleep, working on pigmentation and dark spots as well as supporting the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, which over time ensures our skin remains smooth and bright. I apply to cleansed skin and leave the silky solution to sink into my skin before applying my night cream.

I find that thanks to the more even tone in my skin, I can get away with  a BB or CC cream instead of a fuller coverage foundation most days, and I can’t hide my love for the capsule dissension of the serum – which also makes them perfect for travelling as you just pack the amount of capsules per night you’re travelling for!

Finally, a product which I’ve been testing for a few months now; the Beauty Pie Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial. Costing under £10, it’s part of the subscription based factory direct offering that launched earlier this year. Beauty Pie is a fantastic business model; cutting out all the middle men and costs that usually brands spend on advertising, staffing, bills etc, we are able to get high quality products for a fraction of what we’d normally be able to buy them for. And the best bit? They really work!

They started with makeup and have now branched into skincare, and the Fruitizyme is a standout favourite for me. With tiny buffing particles to give you a manual exfoliation, your skin is polished physically and you’ll see a noticeable brightening effect from the fruit enzymes. Instead of creating snazzy packaging, it’s a sleek and simple product that does what it says on the tin, and a great one for an instant pick me up for skin that has been dulled by the change in seasons.

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How do you switch up your skincare routine for Autumn?