The Sparkling Guide to Buying Jewellery this Christmas

How To Choose The Perfect Jewellery Gift This Christmas


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Whether buying for a girlfriend, a wife, a mother, daughter or friend, choosing a jewellery gift for each of these special people close to your heart takes careful consideration and thought. Jewellery is a personal gift, a generous one, as it will be worn so often and will remind her of you each and every time. Does she like small and delicate pieces or more bold and striking designs? Is her style classic and timeless or modern and a little edgy? Whatever her style preferences, a piece of jewellery is a reflection of our personality, so understanding this is a very important part of choosing the perfect piece.

Monica Vinader is a brand that I’ve worn for many years now, slowly but surely adding to my collection, but to this day my favourite pieces from the brand are those that I’ve been gifted. For our first anniversary, Charlie presented me with the iconic Monica Vinader box and my heart leapt with joy before I even knew what was inside. He presented me with a necklace, a and a personalisedengraved with the date that we’d met.

With designs ranging from the classic and elegant pendant necklaces, their iconic rings and feminine diamondto the more modern and contemporary there’s truly a style for everyone. Personally I think the make for perfect friendship bracelets or gifts for a sister or mother, while the necklaces make for a wonderful gift to a girlfriend or wife.

When it comes to treating yourself, Monica Vinader have some striking designs in varying metal types too; in this imagery I’m wearing three Signature bracelets which I treated myself to, and each are engraved with a very personal note. Contemporary yet elegant designs such as are perfect for engraving, making them not only a wonderful and thoughtful gift, but also a fabulous way to treat yourself or reward yourself with to forever remind you of a certain achievement, such as I’ve done here!

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Choosing The Metal Colour

It’s important to not get too stressed out by this! Us girls love to mix different metals, in fact it’s very on trend to do so at the moment so look at various options. Here, I’ve mixed a yellow gold wide Signature bangle with a slimmer rose gold Signature bangle and I love the effect of the two colours together. Why not mix in some stones too? Both the Signature bracelets and other styles such as the very popular linear bracelets are available in classic or diamond embellished options, depending on how much sparkle the lucky recipient loves to wear.

If you’re buying for a friend with a traditional sense of style, take a note of the metals and colours she normally wears. For example a warm blush wardrobe (like mine!) perfectly suits rose gold jewellery (which also looks fabulous on every skin tone) or perhaps a more neutral monochromatic wardrobe would suit silver jewellery.

Some Failsafe Options

Making it Personal

Jewellery has a great sentimental value and it’s the perfect gift not only for christmas but also to celebrate life’s important occasions. Many of the Monica Vinader designs are truly perfect for engraving and adding a personal touch, such as the flat surface on the or the side that touches the skin on a t as part of a necklace. Whether you buy online or from one of the beautiful boutiques, personalisation is free of charge and fast, and you can choose from a variety of fonts or even on certain occasions include your own handwriting – such as the XOXO on my bangle above.

Messages could be a notice of congratulations or a reminder of a personal achievement (my linear bracelet is engraved with ‘One Hundred Thousand’ to celebrate reaching that milestone on YouTube) or perhaps a special date. You could wish someone a happy birthday, congratulations on your graduation, or any other special moment that you’d like to commemorate in such a beautiful way.

The message doesn’t need to be on display for all to see either; many of the Monica Vinader designs are perfect for secret messages; you can engrave underneath the top bar of the Linear or Signature bracelets so that only the wearer knows what’s inside; below you’ll see inside my yellow gold Signature bangle is the date that Charlie and I met, but as for my rose gold Signature bangle? Well, only I know what’s written on the inside of that one!

Perfect for Personalisation

I hope you’ve found this useful and for more inspiration, head over to the Monica Vinader website where you’ll truly be spoilt for choice. If your girlfriend left this page open on her laptop for you to stumble upon, then she’s got great taste! Hint Hint!

Don’t forget, the discount code MVFM20 can be applied at the checkout of the Monica Vinader website here and is valid until 8am on the 20th December so don’t delay!

Thank you as always for reading and I hope you have a magical Christmas.