Christmas Gift Guide for The Impossible To Buy For

Gifts For The Impossible To Buy For

We all know those people who are impossible to buy for, those who always have everything or buy anything when they want it and even more frustratingly, when they buy it for themselves just before Christmas. We all have one of those in our lives thats for sure!

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My top tip for buying gifts for these types of people would be to buy them luxurious versions of things they use every day. Those luxurious but every day items people just don’t buy for themselves. This way you know they don’t have them and you know they will be used – practical but luxurious!

One thing that I secretly love to receive is gym wear. Stylish good quality gym wear tends to be on the pricer side of things which is why it makes for a very good gift. These not only carry a beautiful design which will encourage the recipient to use them but they entail bum-sculpting technology! What girl doesn’t want that when at the gym?

I love receiving flowers, it’s such a simple but kind thing to buy for someone. That’s why a flower subscription is such a fabulous gift for someone who has everything as they can put a smile on anyone’s face. My favourites are from Bloom & Wild who will send bouqets of your choice through the letter box each month.

You can never have too many pens and one encrusted with Swarovski crystals will make the perfect present. As a girl who loves to write, it’s no secret that I like to have a special pen saved for special occasions. This  from Swarovski  is the epitome of style and allows you to add a touch of sparkle to every day tasks.

One of my favourite pieces to receive and buy for other people is a luxurious pair of Pj’s! Again you can never have too many pyjamas and so purchasing an elegant silk pair for a loved one who seems to have it all is a great idea. I bought myself my earlier this year and though they are a designer luxury I don’t regret the purchase one bit.

If all of the above is still no good, the ultimate present for the person who has everything is to gift an experience. There are so many websites that offer these now – perhaps , , or even a .

Below I’ve rounded up the best gifts for those people that are just impossible to buy for and fingers crossed it will be easy peasy!