My Festive Traditions & What To Wear on Christmas Day

The Wonders Of Festive Traditions

There’s something about Christmas traditions that straight away put you in the festive spirit and for some it wouldn’t be the same without them. For me I like to to visit The Ritz every year for afternoon tea with my mum since it is the most magical place to visit at Christmas time, what with its magnificent christmas tree and decorations and beautiful carol singers, it’s the perfect place to celebrate the start of the festive season.

Another festive tradition that I love to do every year, is to make the most of dressing up in my finest outfits for Christmas celebrations when the big day finally arrives and of course add the finishing touch by wearing one of my favourite fragrances. I like to mix up Christmas traditions and opt for a pure white dress and fresh scent as opposed to wearing red and gold mixed with a cinnamon and orange scented fragrance. By choosing the right fragrance, it can still be festive. This year I will be wearing Daisy by Marc Jacobs as not only is it an enchanting and magical fragrance, perfect for this time of year, but the 10th anniversary deluxe edition has been refashioned in translucent frosted glass entirely encrusted with crystals elevating the fragrance to a new level of luxury. Not only is this exactly how you want to feel on Christmas day but it makes the perfect gift for a loved one. I was in fact inspired by the scent (and I collaborated with them for a project on Instagram here – hense the link with this blog post!) when choosing this dress, in the style of a Marc Jacobs Daisy Girl, and on that note, here are my tips on how to choose your Christmas day #ootd.

Christmas Day Outfits

For some reason, Christmas day seems to be the one day of the year when no-one is quite sure what to wear! Do you go comfy and opt for elasticated waist bands and fluffy materials – so you don’t have to worry about your jeans being too tight after that third helping of Turkey – or do you get dressed up but choose your outfit wisely so you’re still comfortable three courses later?!

Whatever you choose to wear on Christmas Day, it’s important that you feel comfortable! A few years ago I’d spend Christmas day in festive loungewear (probably and a !) or my favourite Christmas Pyjamas, but now, as we spend the day itself with more family members and everyone gets dressed up, i’ll be switching it up and wearing a beautiful dress. I mentioned in this post about Christmas Party dresses that it’s important not to disregard your signature style, so this white beauty seems like the perfect option for me.

If you’re feeling even more dramatic then toss your little black dress aside, this Christmas ‘drama’ is very much on trend. Think ruffles, feather embellishment, rainbow coloured sequins – nothing is off limits! When opting for a full on glam look, choose something that will be flattering even when you’re three courses down! Perhaps your sparkling jewel tones could be achieved through sumptuous velvet wide let trousers, or a hip skimming dress?

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