How To Elevate Your Winter Basics

How To Elevate Your Winter Basics

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of a classic and timeless wardrobe made up of quality investment pieces. Not only will your wardrobe never go out of style but it will last season after season which is exactly what you want when spending a certain amount of money on a cashmere jumper or timeless investment coat for example!

If you’ve been following me for a while or are subscribed to my youtube channel you will know that I have always built my wardrobe around the absolute basics such as a white tee, a grey cashmere jumper or a camel coloured coat. Basics often get overlooked; a misconception may be that they’re too expensive for what they are or too plain but in fact they are the pieces that truly stand the test of time as trends come and go. They are the foundation of any wardrobe, anchoring whatever other on-trend items you may pick up each season. Once you have your basics covered, you will never have that ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment and getting dressed in the morning will be a lot easier. After all, looking good isn’t just about trends – it’s about looking good and feeling confident in your outfit of the day.

One of my favourite winter basics is a A tailered coat is that one basic I will always have in my wardrobe without fail. This one from Reiss comes in a longline silhouette with a wide collar, perfect for both smart and casual occasions. For basics to deliver all of the versatility you would expect, it’s important to consider quality over quantity. This means it is better to have one perfect coat instead of ten mediocre ones. When it comes to investment pieces, I’m all about that price per wear, so it is hugely important to me that it will fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. The classic statement coat in a neutral colour means it will not only go with everything but it’s a piece I am happy to wear every day.

Basics are often thought to be expensive, however they don’t neccesarily need to be designer. Another one of my favourites is a chunky cream knit like the one I’m wearing here from  With its classic colour and super soft material, this jumper is a true basic you will wear time and time again but the subtle balloon sleeves gives a nod to the trend which gives it a fresh appeal. Nevertheless it is the beginning of so many outfits and will see that you are warm and stylish throughout all of the colder months.

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Have Fun With Them…

With fashionable basics,  it’s easy to become tired of your outfit due to it’s simplicity. The best way to maximize what you already have in your wardrobe is easy: mix in statement items that instantly update your well-loved basics! From adding metallics to working in bold prints, you can take your staples from drab to *fab*.

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One way to update your basic items is to wear them with a statement slogan bag, a small thing to add but it can create a big impact. This one fromwhich has ‘baby its cold outside’ written on the side of it has been the perfect winter companion since I bought it last year as it instantly adds detail and interest to a basic #ootd. To add even more interest to a tailored but basic outfit, try co-ordinating the colour of your accessories. Once the fashion faux par, it is now every fashion blogger’s trick in appearing more luxurious and complete.

A colourful necklace, luxurious watch or scarf can be known to reinvent an entire look. Accessories are something you can mix and match with on a daily basis and they can easily dress up or down an outfit. These pull together the entire look creating a chic and polished outfit. The eye-catching pair of sunglasses add a statement without overpowering the look, and are also great if you just want to look really cool.

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When it comes to shopping for basics, keep in mind that they don’t neccesarily have to be too simple and remember they can be fun too. Elevate your cream jumper by experimenting with colour through your accessories or if you are feeling seriously wild opt for a basic such as these pattern. While the print is bold and striking, Leopard print is considered to be a classic in the fashion industry as the animal print never goes out of style; making it the new modernised basic for all of our wardrobes. Knowing how to wear leopard print comes down to one simple rule: treat it as if it was any black item. If your not sure if something will go with the print, ask yourself if you would wear black with the item and if the answer is yes, go with leopard print every time. The stand out print often walks a fine line between flashy and luxurious but wearing leopard print in a classic style instantly elevates any outfit as it becomes eye-catching and effortlessly luxe.

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Basics are crucial to any girls wardrobe but by adding colour, embellishment, slogans or prints, you can turn a simple outfit into an exciting one and while I love to wear trend pieces, it’s the essentials I’ll never tire of.

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