My Delicious ‘Beauty Balls’ Recipe!

How To Make Delicious Energy Balls with Beauty Boosting Benefits!

After featuring these scrumptious beauty balls a lot recently on my Instagram and YouTube, I thought it would be a good idea to share how I make them here on the blog, so you can bookmark the page and refer to it if you’d like to try them yourself! These bite-size treats are surprisingly filling, and filled with lots of superfoods that not only provide the vitamins you need for great skin, hair and nails, but also ingredients that help to balance hormones, give you more energy, and stop you craving naughtier sweet treats.

Here’s how to make them; keep scrolling if you’d like to know the beauty benefits for all the ingredients too!

What You’ll Need:

Baking tray or large plate

Thermomix or other powerful blender

Mixing bowl

Baking Paper



1 Box of Dates

2 TBS of Coconut Oil

1 scoop of pistachios

1 tbs of sunflower seeds

1 small bag of Sainsburys berries & cherries

2 scoops Baobab

1 scoop Vida Glow Collagen

1 scoop Energise Powder (Love Raw)

1 scoop Superberry Powder (Neals Yard)

1 scoop Chia Seeds

1 small bag of almonds


What To Do

  1. Blend the dates in your Thermomix – speed 7 for 20 seconds (other blender use a slower speed so they’re not reduced to a pulp!)
  2. Add a couple of table spoons of Coconut Oil to your mixture & blend again for 5-10 seconds
  3. Add all other ingredients. You can really mix & match here depending on your preferences and what’s in your cupboard! Use whatever powders you like, whether they’re beauty supplement powders, superfoods or berry mixes etc! Get creative! I’ve listed my most recent and favourite combination but you really can get experimental here.
  4. Blitz for 20 seconds again speed 7 on a Thermomix or medium speed on other blending machines, you want your seeds / nuts to still be crunchy – not all totally blended up.
  5. Test the mixture – is it sticky enough to create balls? If not, add more dates or coconut oil & blend again.
  6. Tip mixture into a bowl, place baking paper onto your baking tray, and take a handful of the mixture, roll it into a ball and place them onto the baking tray. At this stage, you can add more seeds, or roll the balls in matcha powder or desiccated coconut, or do as I like to do and add some goji berries or pistachios to your balls so there’s something to chew on!
  7. Place baking tray with finished balls into the fridge for one hour ish. This sets the coconut oil & cacao powder so they become more ‘solid’ individual balls and they won’t stick together when you store them.
  8. Store in the fridge in tupperware, separating the layers with your baking paper that they were resting on previously.

Get Creative!

As mentioned in the method above, you can truly get creative and add in your favourite ingredients; try coconut, different types of nuts and seeds, different superfoods etc, matcha powder, whatever you have in your cupboard! I tend to always use Dates, Coconut Oil and Cacao as my base.

Beauty Benefits

Dates contain vitamins C and D which help the skin’s elasticity, keeping it smooth and plump! They prevent the accumulation of melanin in your body and also have anti ageing benefits!

There are so many health benefits to Coconut Oil but it also helps with inflammation and is antibacterial. I also love that it helps maintain your energy levels!

Pistachios are a great anti-oxidant and also high in Vitamin E which is great for the skin, helping the skin maintain a barrier from harmful UV rays.

I’m a huge fan of the LoveRaw Energise Powder as it contains so many super ingredients! Baobab is great for the immune system and nervous system and is particularly great if you also love your coffee – it helps keep everything stable thanks to the potassium within it. Also Maca is known to help reduce stress too as well as energising.

The Vida Glow Collagen supplement is another favourite of mine, I also love to mix it into my morning smoothies. The Marine Collagen powder doesn’t give a taste or smell to your smoothie or beauty ball (you can even add to water or tea) but the collagen within it provides numerous benefits (collagen is a protein that our bodies need to help ‘bind’ our cells together) including giving the skin a youthful look thanks to reduced lines and wrinkles, thicker hair and nails, and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.


Also created with the aim of boosting skins collagen levels and radiance is the Superberry Powder from Neals Yard Remedies; with an antioxidant-rich blend of acas, blueberry, cherry and goji berry, it gives us a boost of skin loving vitamin C which also helps support the formulation of collagen, and helps our skin to function at it’s very best!

Chia Seeds are great for giving us energy, in fact Chia means ‘strength’ in the Mayan language! They will keep you fuelled up for a long time with their energy-boosting power and they’re also great at promoting healthy skin and reducing the signs of aging.


Finally almonds – another great source of Vitamin E, they’re also great for helping the body to naturally keep itself well moisturised. They also contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which boost skin radiance!

I hope you’ve found this recipe useful, don’t forget to tag me in your IG stories or posts if you decide to make them, and let me know your favourite superfood combinations in the comments below!