My Vacation Accessories – What To Pack & How To Style

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Vacation jewellery should never be an afterthought.

Taking care to carefully select and pack the accessories that I take with me on my travels is something that I’m always grateful for upon reaching my final destination, often it’s the simplest of pieces that can complete a look, whether it’s a delicate necklace worn with my bikini, or a statement earring to pair with a maxi dress for an evening look.

A holiday is often the perfect time to experiment with new jewellery styles, there’s just something about being away from home and away from our comfort zones that enables us to be a little more daring with our outfit choices; I rarely wear anything other than studded earrings at home for example, but decided to experiment with hoops and hanging earrings during our recent trip to Mexico – and I love the styles so much that I’ll certainly be transitioning them into my London wardrobe too.

Something to think about when packing is which pieces to take, and which to leave behind – as well as how best to pack them. So today I’ll be sharing my tips on all of these pointers and sharing some of my favourite jewellery pieces from our most recent travels.

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What To Take

Whether relaxing on a beach or hiking through a rainforest, I always like to be accessorised, but the key thing when it comes to travelling is to take versatile pieces that will work for all outfit scenarios, so you don’t have to pack too much. We have to think of our luggage weight limits after all! As you probably know, I tend to wear jewellery all the time- often not even removing for bed (naughty I know) so often I’ll only pack one additional set of jewellery, and then I also have the set that I wear to travel in too. A delicate shorter necklace is usually the piece that I’ll wear consistently, whether on its own or paired with a, so I like to keep it simple and my current favourite is this . Having worn their necklaces many times before, I can rest assured that the quality is high, the sparkling mini diamantes give a luxe look while the delicate chain is minimal and elegant. Equally elegant are the rings from Astrid & Miyu; I’ve had great fun re-building my classic ‘ring look’ with the new addition of my engagement ring, and usually opt for one of the striking in rose gold – the simple style is perfect for a beach look, and at £69 it’s an affordable luxury piece, a fully adjustable diamante cocktail ring plated in rose gold, it works just as well at the beach as it does for a glamorous evening look.

When it comes to earrings, again delicate styles that are lightweight and yet make a statement are perfect for vacation dressing, during the day time I find hoops look elegant and are hugely versatile, but with earrings I have to ensure that the quality is high, otherwise they’ll start to sting my ears! These from Astrid & Miyu’s basic collection are perfect for an effortless look, and comfortable enough to wear all holiday long.

A new versatile earring style from Astrid & Miyu is their . Sold singularly and available in sterling silver, you can choose from 3 lengths and plating styles. I wear mine here simply hanging from the lobe, but they’d look equally fabulous layered with ear cuffs, or with the loop clipped at the top of your ear like a cuff – it’s fun to play around with different styles and make one accessory work with various vacation looks!

Sunglasses always complete a look for me, and it’s at this time of year ahead of Summer vacations that I like to choose an investment style that I’ll wear throughout the warmer months. I finally invested in this round after lusting over them last year too – the easily recognisable design finishes the outfit in a statement luxe way, and I feel sure they’ll work with all of my vacation looks, hopefully bringing down the price per wear!

Traveling with Valuable Items

My general rule is that I leave valuable items (whether monetary or emotional) at home, in the safe. I don’t want to be stressing about loosing super expensive pieces while I’m abroad, and I don’t want to worry about a stone coming loose from its setting or something going missing, and even if you’re staying in a luxury hotel, there’s no guarantee your jewellery will be safe. My pricey jewellery stays at home, and while my Astrid & Miyu pieces are luxurious and hugely precious to me, they’re all under £100.

I’m currently looking into a ‘dupe’ of my engagement ring to swap out when I am travelling – if anyone knows of any where to get this done then please let me know! Flashy diamond jewellery can attract unwanted attention when travelling, from pickpockets and even hotel staff – so turn a ring so only the band shows, or tuck a necklace into your top when out and about – or leave it at home for ultimate peace of mind. Your vacation could also be the perfect time to send your engagement ring or precious jewellery piece to the jeweller to be cleaned or repaired – you can pick it up in top condition and rest assured that it’s in safe hands while you’re out of town.


The jewellery you choose to take on holiday should be practical, as I mentioned previously, so the pieces I’m wearing here were all chosen for their versatility and neutral style which means they work with multiple outfits. Small hoop earrings and delicate chain pieces match various ensembles and all are of a rose gold hue, so they work perfectly together and can easily be mix and matched.

I avoid taking heavy, clunky items that will take up too much room in my case, or are likely to tangle. With my chain necklaces, I thread them through a straw so they don’t become tangled, and keep rings and earrings in little pots, wedged into place with a cotton wool ball.

What are your tips when accessorising during your holidays darlings?