Autumn is not a topic I’d usually begin writing in  August, but after an unusually long ‘heat wave’ here in the UK, and a sudden drop in temperatures has us all quite excited for the upcoming Autumn trends! It’s always great to be prepared and have the trends fresh in your mind, so today I bring you tips and tricks for the upcoming 2018 autumn season. I have selected the top 10 trends that I’ve loved and have seen slowly being introduced in stores already.


Animal Print Trend

The first trend and probably my favourite is animal print. Thinking back to the cat walks earlier this year, animal print was everywhere. Designers are using a variety of animal prints, the most popular ones being leopard and snakeskin. The products range from certain staple pieces to full on animal looks and clashing animal prints as seen on the catwalk by MaxMara. My favourite high street pieces are this gorgeous snakeskin print dress from Topshop and Dorthy Perkins Leopard jumpsuit.

Western Trend

Ever since Isabel Maront opened the catwalk with Jolene and all the models in their beautiful prairie style dresses I fell in love. There were cowboy designs by Coach and even rodeo-ready designs by designers such as Louis Vitton. I think that this is going to be a great opportunity for highstreet brands to come out with staples such as western style belts and lots of fringe. As for designer brands, the Fendi cowboy boots are definitely on my wish-list. While on a personal shop at Topshop I pick up some lovely pieces that were inspired by Chloe, who is doing a great job at representing the western trend right now.


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Pleats Trend

The third trend that is destined to be huge and that we are all excited to wear thanks to a recent outfit worn by Meghan Markle, is pleats. It will not just be dresses and mini skirts, always the first to adopt the trends; Zara have a beautiful pair of brown trousers that are very Valentino inspired. If you’ve followed me for a while you know I am a huge fan of pleated midi skirts –  this season however, designers have updated this feminine look by giving the look a more edgy feel with a chunky knit or biker boots.

Silk Trend

The fourth trend is silks and not the beautiful delicate ones you would wear during spring and summer. This time they are more retro with bold colours, as seen on catwalks by brands such as Gucci and Celine. Think something your grandmother would wear (!!!) beautiful bold silk patterns but they are now being worn head to toe, from a silk scarf in the hair to a full length dress. If you want to slowly get into this trend you could maybe try wrapping a scarf around the handle of your handbag which I one of my tricks mentioned in one of my vides, ‘ How to Make Old Clothes Look New’.

Logo Trend

Trend number five is logos. This one is a little harder to tackle if you are shopping on highstreet as I certainly will be for this trend.  Brands such as Fendi and Prada have had their names plastered all over pieces like shirts, bags, visors and more. I did not particularly like Gucci’s attempt at the logo trend as it looks more like a name tag, however if I were to invest in the trend I would go for a shopper bag or oversized sweater. For now this is a trend I will be admiring from afar!

Layering Trend

Trend number 6 for autumn is almost as groundbreaking as florals for spring; Layering. The designers have taken layering to the next level and are even layering coats as seen on the catwalk by Armani and Roksanda to name a few. This is definitely a style that is going to be rocked by street style bloggers and us mere mortals can try it too! If you have a uncool puffer in your closet, just layer it with a trench coat and you’ve tackled one of autumns top trends.

Leather Dresses  Trend

The next trend is leather dresses. Last season the catwalk was full of them. I am really intrigued to see how the highstreet is going to interpret this trend, i’ll be keeping a close eye on Zara’s new in section as undoubtedly they’ll be the first to adopt the trend! The dresses range from ankle length to short dresses and my favourite has to be this beautiful brown cinched waist dress by Tods. 

Patent Leather Trend

Kind of related, the next trend is patent leather and inspired by this, we are going to be seeing lots of shiny fabrics. There are staple pieces already all over the highstreet and I picked up a pair offrom Topshop myself. Topshop also had this beautiful bright red crock patten leather jacket. Whether its your outerwear or accessories, patent leather and shiny fabrics is definitely going to be a trend to look out for and can easily be injected into your wardrobe through affordable accessories.

Capes Trend

The ninth trend has definitely been inspired by women in politics and women on film and this is capes. They are a very elegant way of adding another layer of warmth and they are an undoubtedly beautiful form of outerwear. I am very happy that the cape trend has come back in to style as last year I invested in my very favourite cape from There was a huge amount of capes on the catwalk, ranging from more smart versions and almost blanket type capes as seen by Missoni.


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Tweed Trend

The final trend, number ten is one that we can probably blame the Queen for (!!!) and that is tweed. It is going to be bigger and more diverse then we have seen it before. There is going to be head to toe tweed, supersize tweed, jackets and more. Marc Jacob ticked off two trend boxes by combining leather and tweed together beautifully. I think that tweed is a trend that the high street always delivers really well and most of you might actually already have a few pieces as it is a classic style. More importantly we should not be scared to invest in tweed as it is so timeless and classic. If I find the perfect piece I will definitely invest in it, as tweed will be in style for many years to come.

These are my top 10 trends for Autumn / Winter 2018 and I would love to here what trends you will and wont be partaking in!