How I Avoid Stress During the Festive Season

De-Stressing over the festive season

Ah Christmas time! It really is my favourite time of year; spending time with family and friends, giving gifts, switching off from work, and oh my goodness – the food! I’ve already eaten my body weight in Pigs in Blankets and baked Camembert, but the best is still to come. During this years holiday season though, especially as we near  Christmas day and those special days with family and friends, I want to ensure I slow down a little this year, accept I can’t do it all; it’s tempting to say yes to every invitation, open house, Christmas jumper party between now and January 31st, but this year I’ll be taking a pause, evaluating my time, and reminding myself that I can’t do it all!

Equally, I admit that I’m on Instagram, YouTube, my emails etc far more than I’d care to admit. I am a workaholic; when you love what you do so much, it’s hard to switch off, but this Christmas I want to be more present in every moment. I’m going to try to minimum phone time between Dec 21 to Jan 1st, and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it! This year, spending time with f and family, long walks, delicious meals, without having to document it all.

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Three Simple Pleasures that Eliminate Holiday Stress

  1. Party Games! We love playing all sorts of silly games over Christmas, from card games, to charades, to pub quiz type of games; it’s always a great way to unwind and enjoy a little competitiveness over Christmas!
  2. Dancing! A prosecco or two down and I’ll be dancing the night away to all the Christmas jingles!
  3. Christmas Candles – yep a simple pleasure but you really can’t beat a festive scent!


Christmas Cooking

I find cooking extremely therapeutic, and at this time of year as my workload starts to lessen, I love to spend time in the kitchen preparing tasty treats for our guests. When cooking, I like to listen to a podcast, and it’s real ‘me’ time, if you follow my vlogs you’ll know I love impressing guests with recipes that were in reality so easy to do in our Thermomix, whether it’s a simple soup to a scrumptious baked camembert and homemade bread stick treat!

Giving Back

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a warm home, a loving family and a fun and festive experience to look forward to at Christmas, and every year Charlie and I do what we can to help those less fortunate than us. Whether that’s heading out in the afternoons handing out tote bags filled with tasty food, warm layers, and small gifts, or helping out with local charities and donating clothes to local charity shops.


What do you like to do to de-stress during the festive season?