Styling Tips for Making The Highstreet Look High End

by River Island // by River Island // by River Island // by River Island // by River Island // by Monica Vinader // by Monica Vinader // by Topshop

If you love to look on trend but your budget doesn’t stretch beyond the highstreet, panic not! There are a few tips and tricks you can keep up your sleeve to be a savvy shopper and stylist, and make your high street outfit look high end, without breaking the bank. I’ve selected a few key pieces from River Island to style up in this post which give a luxe look to an affordable outfit.

Firstly, look for classic, basic pieces as the starting block for your outfit. A timeless starting point to your outfit ensures you’re always on trend, and there is something eternally high end and expensive looking about well styled basics. I opted for a and as the base for this look, a simple yet warm base layer to build upon.

When it comes to accessories, an instant way of making your highstreet outfit look more high end is with dupes have fooled even my most fashion conscious of friends into asking about my ‘new Gucci purchase’ – oh no, they weren’t even a tenth of the price of Gucci mules! By keeping your eyes peeled for good quality highstreet dupes of designer pieces, you can create a look that overall has a designer look about it, without the hefty price tag.

I often find that suede accessories can look more high end than leather too, especially when we are talking about more affordable accessories. I opted for a suede, designer inspired bag – the has been seen on the catwalks and designer stores for a few seasons now, and the highstreet has some fabulous alternatives – and I emulated the suede detailing in my too; this form of subtle matching is a fabulous way of drawing your outfit all together for a cohesive look.

Finally, carefully selected jewellery and accessories like a can create a truly high end look; no one needs to know that your sunglasses cost less than £20! Often when it comes to choosing accessories to elevate your look, the more simple you keep them, the better. Opt for sunglasses with minimal detail, and jewellery featuring classic combinations such as pearl and gold. These styles are timeless for a reason!


How do you make your high street pieces look high end?


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