How To Style a Spring Coat On Cold Winter Days

by Reiss //   by Reiss // by Reiss // by Amazon // by Reiss // by Topshop // Bag by Chanel via Xupes // by Monica Vinader

It’s no secret that Spring is my favourite time of year….

And during these cold, somewhat miserable Winter months that seem to drag ON and on, I don’t know about you but I’m desperate to start wearing my Spring wardrobe pieces. The stores are already tempting and teasing us with lighter fabrics, unlined coats, pastel colours, and I can’t resist. I want to wear them NOW.

Luckily, I have a few tips on how you can start wearing Spring coats and layering pieces now, even when the temperature is seriously low; and you guessed it, the first tip is of course…. THERMALS! Seriously, if you ever see my out and about, looking like I might be a bit chilly in my outfit, there’s a 100% chance I’m actually secretly snuggly warm thanks to a layer of thermals. I almost always have a long sleeve thermal top underneath my blouse or jumper, the designs from M&S and Uniqlo add absolutely no thickness to your look so no Michelin Man outfits, and they work wonders at keeping your core temperature warm. When I’m wearing midi skirts and OTK boots, or trousers and closed toe shoes, I’ll even wear thermal tights underneath, and always a super warm pair of cashmere socks. I truly notice SO much difference when I choose fabrics that are excellent at retaining your body heat; and don’t forget gloves and a hat on those seriously frosty days; the best way of keeping yourself warm is to maintain as much heat as possible; so don’t let it escape from your extremities!

In this outfit, my base layer was M&S thermals; a long sleeve thermal top and thermal tights – but you’d never know it! This allowed me to get away with a , and this one is a wool cashmere blend, so also fabulous at keeping you toasty warm, without being too chunky. These two layers look lovely and keep me toasty warm under my It may be unlined, but at 70% wool, it’s still warm, but without the bulk and weight! I love a wrap style coat too, they always feel incredibly cosy, like wearing your dressing gown out in public, yahoo!

You can be really flexible with your trousers as long as you’ve got your thermals underneath; with midi skirts and dresses you can get away with thick wooly tights, but with a more slim fit cut like this pair of , opt for heat tech tights to keep your temperature regulated without the bulk. Always wear a pair of warm socks too, but don’t underestimate how warm leather shoes will keep your feet – just remember to layer! This have a slight stretch to them too, so they’re incredibly comfy even if I have thick socks on, result!

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