How To Shop Luxury Sales + MyTheresa Discount Codes

How To Shop The Luxury Sales

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Luxury sales can either be incredibly good news for your wallet, or incredibly bad news, depending on how clever you are when shopping the sales. Designer goods with an eyewatering price tag rarely go into sale, especially the more classic timeless designs (pretty much the only designer goods I invest in are the timeless styles) so when retailers such as offer incredible discount codes, like they have done today, it’s a wonderful opportunity to pick up something you’ve had your eye on, and save a few hundred pounds.

Top Buy – the is included in the sale – yassss!

As a general rule, I won’t buy ‘on trend’ pieces in the sale, because chances are, they’re reaching the end of the period where they’re considered ‘trendy’ and it’s likely that just weeks after investing, I’ll be lusting over something new. The exception to this would be if I truly adore a trend piece so much, that I’ll want to wear it even when the trend has long gone.

I prefer to shop for pieces which are more classic in the sales, but these pieces rarely drop in price, as the desirability for these pieces rarely falters, however the current MyTheresa discount codes means we can pick up classic, timeless designs and save a huge amount at the checkout!


Here’s how it works;

Shop from a , and enter the following codes at the checkout;

£100 off with minimum order of £600 with code FORYOU3

£200 off with minimum order of £1200 with code FORYOU4

Here’s my pick of what to buy:

Shop the post


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