My Homeware Wishlist

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What’s On My Homeware Wishlist?

I’ve always loved perusing homeware retailers, often finding myself lusting over a pink velvet chair far more than any fashion item, but as we now have a new office to furnish, it seems to be the perfect excuse to put together a wishlist of pieces from my favourite homeware brands, and start thinking about how we are going to decorate and furnish our new functional space.

Firstly, I adore the fringing trend, and this is a total obsession piece for me right now. One day, I’d love to have a huge county house with ‘themed’ rooms, and this would belong in a more vintage decorated room. I can’t see how I could make this work in our existing home or office, but it’s most definitely a wishlist ‘one day’ kind of lighting piece!

I’m really tempted to invest in 4 of these for the office – having ‘tried them out’ at Westfield, I can confirm that they not only look fabulous, but they are incredibly comfy too! I’ll have to banish anyone from wearing dark denim on them though, as this is very likely to transfer and mark them! This slightly would be great for a more relaxed place to sit and work, I love the gold legs, and think this with a marble table will look absolutely dreamy!

I love beautiful vases, and this is absolutely gorgeous and not too overpriced either. I plan to find some pretty dried flowers for them, for the office – so if you have any suggestions on where to get lovely dried flowers, let me know! This would be lovely for little bunches of roses, or peonies – both real or faux! I also love the , and may have picked one up as a mother’s day gift already!

Orchids always make for beautiful flowers for the home, Charlie has a slight obsession with them, and this has a beautiful ombre pink pot, so even if the Orchid doesn’t last a long time, the pot is a beautiful item to keep!

The office table is a big decision and will totally dictate the vibe of the room, and after spotting it in the store on Kings Road, I’ve totally fallen in love with this . Big enough for 6 of us to work or eat, and how fabulous will it look with the pink velvet chairs? I am tempted, so very tempted!!! I think this would be perfect for the side of the table that’s up against the wall, but it will be another one that I won’t allow dark denim on! Or dogs!

In the new office we will also have a kitchen to stock up, so this has been added straight to my basket – isn’t it adorable! I’m a fan of mixing and matching crockery in the kitchen, as opposed to having a ‘theme’ so I think this will go perfectly!

Finally, I think are great for making a room feel bigger and evoking the sense of the outdoors inside, so I have picked up two of these (they’re under £30!) for the office, aren’t they lovely!

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What’s on your homeware wishlist? Do you have any retailer recommendations that I should check out for homeware purchases for the office?