What To Wear When You’ve Outgrown The Highstreet

Are you a Mid-Spender?

With buy-it, bin-it fashion now a big faux-pas for the conscious consumer, we are all looking toward better quality items which will stand the test of time, even if this means a larger investment to begin with. Thanks to this, the middle market has recently seen a big boost in desirability, with retailers that act as the middle market between highstreet and luxury suddenly appealing to the ‘grown up’ highstreet shoppers. With Spring dresses costing between £250 and £500, coats often pushing the £400 mark, and jumpers setting you back at least £150 (more when cashmere is involved!) the labels within this premium highstreet area are aspirational, and yet not unachievable like the luxury and designer goods which would appear to be the next level up. Crucially, this middle market for clothing is absolutely NOT disposable fashion, with the higher price tag comes higher quality (discover more about quality style investments in my latest YouTube video here) – the purchases are more considered, yet you can treat yourself without throwing thousands of pounds and something.

When explaining my ‘justification’ of buying premium highstreet to a friend, I likened it to upgrading my uber from Uber X to Uber Exec. I like to travel in comfort, but I’m not forking out for a chauffeur driving me around in a Rolls Royce. The prices of the items I usually buy aren’t low enough to qualify as an Impulse buy, but instead they’re considered purchases so I’m buying less, but buying better – my wardrobe, my purse, and the environment are all benefiting.


What I’m Wearing // & by Reiss  // Mules by (10% off with code FASHIONMUMBLR) // Bag by


So, where to shop? Unsurprisingly the French have mastered this mid market, with brands like Sandro, Maje, Claudie Perlot and similar offering excellent styles at a premium, but attainable price tag. The items are of high quality, stylish but classic designs. Personally, my wardrobe is made up mostly from a mixture of UK and US based premium brands, Reiss, Karen Millen, Club Monaco, Kate Spade and Tory Burch being my favourites, with items from the likes of L.K.Bennett, Rixo, Zimmerman, and others within my wardrobe too. Here are a few of my favourite pieces to pick up right now if you too are ready to step up from the highstreet and become a Mid-Spender!

My Premium Highstreet Picks

From left to right; Pale trench coat by // White pleated skirt by // Pink scallop top by // Petal Pleated skirt by // Floral Silk skirt by // White smart dress by

You may have noticed a recurring theme with the items above, all are neutral items that will easily slot into your wardrobe rotation (or at least, they will if your style is anything like mine!) By investing in the premium end of the highstreet, your items will last longer, so you want to ensure you choose versatile pieces that can be styled in many ways. I often opt for neutral tones so that I can mix and match and layer with the clothing I already own. Equally, by understanding what key pieces you get the most wear out of, such as classic pieces like trench coats, pleated skirts etc, you can be sure that you’ll be maximising that price per wear.

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Do you buy from the Premium Highstreet? What are your go to stores? xoxo