How To Look Chic When It’s HOT!

Hi Darlings! Here in the UK we’ve been somewhat blessed with a gorgeous heatwave, with temperatures reaching 33º over the weekend so I thought it was the perfect time to share some of my favourite tips on how to stay looking cool, calm and chic as ever in the heat and humidity!


Tip 1: Go for natural fabrics

I recommend wearing natural fabrics and garments derived from natural sources. Fabric such as linen works amazingly in the heat, although do be aware of creases! I also love opting for long floaty cotton dresses and little shorts when it’s really warm.


Tip 2: Avoid wearing black

You’ll know I never wear black so this one is a given for me! Wearing black attracts the sun and can make you so much warmer, so try and stick to lighter colours such as whites and neutrals to detract the sunlight and keep you a little bit cooler. Ditsy florals work so well too and are perfectly on trend for Summer.


Tip 3: Go for looser fits

Avoid anything body con and skin tight as it will cling and stop air getting through to your skin, causing you to sweat more. Long, floaty garments with slits are ideal. I love little loose playsuits made from a lightweight fabric. Broderie anglais are also perfect, as is lace!


Tip 4: Make Summer swaps

Opt for clothing you’re comforable in but make them Summer appropriate. Suited shorts and tailored skirts are perfect for office attire but way better in the hot weather. Opt for linen blazers instead of anything heavy and lined too.


Tip 5: Delicate Jewellery

I go for delicate jewellery in the Summer months as I don’t like heavy jewellery and metal sticking to my skin whilst out and about. You can accessorise a bit heavier with earrings as they tend to hang away from your body and won’t add any heat. Another tip is to be careful if your jewellery isn’t plated as any sweat will cause them to discolour!


Tip 6: Sunglasses

Sunglasses make your look, it means you can wear a lot less make up than you usually do and they look instantly chic. They go with every outfit and really heighten your look. They’re a total investment piece and you’ll wear them year after year!


Tip 7: Basket Bags

I love swapping out heavy leather bags for a basket bag in the heat. I adore straw bags, as they’re perfect for day to day wear and also for heading to the beach. Most are oversized and roomy which is ideal for toting all of your pieces around!


Tip 8: Hats

I love a hat to keep me cool, and the straw fabric helps aerate your head. Another option is to go for one with an open middle as it means your head isn’t covered but gives you the perfect amount of shade over your face and eyes!


Tip 9: Wear Sandals

Keeping your toes out helps to get air flow around and still looks fabulous! I adore my Chloé sandals and try to wear them a often as possible! If you’re unable to wear sandals to work then I recommend sticking to something breathable and made of fabric such as espadrilles. Avoid rubber and leather at all costs as they’ll make your feet swell which is majorly uncomfortable!


Tip 10: Beauty and Grooming

Less is more in the sun! Make sure you stick with a high SPF and low on make up. It’ll clog your pores up and also it’s really hard to keep it on when your skin needs to breathe. If you are going to wear skin make up, I’d definitely stick to natural based products which help hugely! I also carry a mist on me at all times as it’s a perfect perk up!


So those were my top tips on keeping yourself looking chic and fabulous when the temperatures are saying otherwise! Let me know your favourite and if you have any tips yourself!