Countryside Styling – Have I Lost My Personal Style?

Countryside Styling – Have I Lost My Personal Style?

Lately my priorities have been shifting hugely as I choose my outfit of the day; now fully immersed in the countryside lifestyle, leggings and practical footwear are top of my ‘most worn’ list. I admit, it did cross my mind when we first moved that I would potentially loose some of my personal style upon leaving London. Would I suddenly be reaching only for fleeces and wellies?! Would my midi skirts start to gather dust in the back of my wardrobe?!

Yes it’s clear that my style has changed hugely over the last two years, but far from sticking to the trusty failsafe countryside attire, I like to think I’ve bought my own spin to the looks, whether it’s adding a to my ‘ and jumper’ basic outfits, or upgrading my wellies for some luxurious designs complete with dazzling stirrup detail!

Perhaps I’ve been fortunate that the countryside aesthetic seems to be more ‘on trend’ now than ever before, what with Soho Farmhouse and Daylesford being the number one destinations to visit, and vintage Defenders’ the car of instagram dreams, the timing for me couldn’t be any better, especially with so many of my favourite brands releasing collections that can be styled whether I’m dashing to the farm shop, or popping into London for a day of meetings.

I’ve certainly learnt to adapt my style; mixing my favourite knits with more practical boots, opting for neutral tones and sensible fabrics within my favourite silhouettes, and adjusting my colour palette to fit in with my new surroundings. Yes you’ll see a lot more Barbour, Schoffel and Holland Cooper in my wardrobe these days – but far from loosing my personal style, I love how it’s changed, developed and grown in the last two years.

Has you personal style evolved recently? 

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