How To Create the Perfect Summer Tablescape

Creating the perfect Summer tablescape is easier than you think!

It’s only really been since Christmas that I have enjoyed creating beautiful tablescapes here at the house; and I’ve invested far more than I care to admit in beautiful crockery, pretty napkin rings and delicate table linens that I rotate depending on the ‘theme’ I have planned for each table. So far, I’ve created a whole lot of kitchen garden themed tables, a ‘Maldivian’ table, and plenty of simple floral themes now that we are finally allowed guests to dine with us at home.

Now that the sun is shining, an outdoor tablescape is what I enjoy creating the most, and I am so happy that we invested in this fabulous antique marble table and chairs set last Summer; it really is the perfect canvas. Having a blank canvas to work with is the key starting point, but don’t be afraid to add a beautiful detailed table cloth – especially if your crockery is less detailed. I love this classic white set from (both the plates, glassware and napkins are all from there) is possibly my most used set; it’s neutral design works with all of my themes and looks so beautiful paired with colourful blooms and vibrant dishes.

The art of creating a wonderful tablescape seems to have grown in popularity in the last year; while previously perhaps we’d be happy with dinner on the sofa in front of the TV, the act of eating is something that certainly wasn’t restricted last year, and now more than ever we cherish the times spent enjoying food with friends and family. So many of us enjoyed discovering how to cook, or improving our kitchen culinary skills over lockdown, we worked on our homes and our gardens, so now a dinner or lunch party is high on the agenda.

My Three Top Tips

Instead of placing one big bouquet in the centre of the table, separate out your florals into posy jars; these can be small recycled glass bottles; old jam jars; I even use an old science beaker! This creates more of a wash of colour and doesn’t create a blockage in the centre of the table. FYI – I love Freddie’s Flowers and their home delivery service; use code JOSIE50 to get your first two boxes half price!

Before your guests arrive, stack up the place mat, the large plate, then the small plate on top of each other and finish with a beautifully tied napkin; then serve in ) straight from the oven so guests can help themselves. Visually this is much more appealing and exciting than an empty place setting and then a pre-made up plate of food!

Invest in classic crockery, or one particular colour scheme. The set photographed here is from The White Company and as I’ve mentioned; it works for all of my various themes – but if you did want to go for some more patterned crockery, think carefully about how it will work with the pieces already in your collection, from your bowls and cutlery to your napkins; to ensure you don’t end up with a kitchen cupboard full of pretty, but un-usable designs!

I’d recommend washing the produce first but…

If you’ve been a busy bee in the garden this Spring, you’ll be starting to see some of your produce is ready for harvest! Make the most of it and wow your guests with vegetables and salads that just an hour or so ago were pulled from the ground just metres away. Another thing that the past year has taught us is the important of sustainability and local produce, and it simply doesn’t get much better (or taste much better!) than home grown. If you’re yet to start sowing, fear not! Pick up some salad leaf plugs from your nearest garden centre, and some radish seeds too ; within a few weeks you’ll be able to enjoy food that you’ve grown in your very own garden.

It’s all in the detail…

A few details that can instantly change up your table include the linen. A fabulous runner down the centre can instantly bring your theme to life, whether it’s a few metres of rustic hessian scrunched up around your serving bowls, or an embroidered floral lace design to enhance those cottage core vibes! Equally, have some fun with your napkins; I have picked up a few napkin rings online but equally I love to tie a hessian ribbon around them for a simple style that once again works with most of my tablescape designs.

And not forgetting hydration! 

My lovely here matches the perfectly (again, all The White Company) – tying everything in together and making another visual statement on the table. I like to slice citrus fruits or add frozen berries and ice to my water jugs to add yet more colour and fun to the tablescape.

I’d love to know if you’ve been creating pretty tablescapes lately and if you have any tips to share? Let me know over on instagram or down below!