A Morning In Savannah, Georgia

We made a quick stop in Savannah Georgia…

… On our way from Hilton Head Island to Alabama! I’d heard and seen really lovely things about Savannah and was really keen to visit, even if just for a few hours – and that’s exactly what we did! With a very similar charming style to Charleston, it had a wonderful feeling to it and I’d definitely love to visit for at least a night or two the next time I’m able to visit the south.

We typed ‘Chippewa Square‘ into our Google Maps, and parked up nearby to see the place where the iconic Forrest Gump ‘Life is Like a Box of Chocolates…’ scene was filmed; where he is sitting on the bench waiting for the bus. The bench is sadly not there, however the square itself is iconic. It was fun to walk around the square; we took some snaps and admired the lovely cream vintage trams that tourists would board to discover the sites of the city.

In our short time in Savannah Georgia, we admired so many beautiful church buildings, each with their own unique style. The one below, the Cathedral Basilica of St John the Baptist (with the horse & carriage driving in front) was inspired by Notre Dame; but in a colour palette that works so well in its location.

Unmissable Waffles…

I’d read on another blog post (here, written by Jasmine Alley) that Mirabelle was a lovely, photogenic cafe opposite the Basilica church; it sounded like the perfect place to pick up a coffee ahead of our mega road trip. What we couldn’t resist however, were the waffles on the menu! Oh my goodness, one of, if not the best waffle I’ve ever had; mine had homemade raspberry and rubarb jam with a lemon infused waffle and my mouth waters now just thinking about it! Don’t miss this is you visit Savannah!

I wore this gorgeous and fabulous, and my new .

Have you been to Savannah, Georgia? Let me know your top things to do, see and eat down below!