South Carolina Road Trip – Hilton Head & Bluffton

On The Road From Charleston…

After a whirlwind stop visit to Charleston (read about it here), our road trip began! There were a few beautiful places we wanted to visit on our trip, and our first stop was Cypress Gardens. My favourite romantic film has always been The Notebook, so as soon as I found out that the iconic boat scene was filmed in a location just an hour from Charleston, we booked our tickets to go! It sounds a little unromantic in reality; as it’s a swamp filled with alligators (yes really! We saw both large ones and tiny babies – but were advised by ‘Cowboy’ – the gentleman with the deepest southern accent I’ve ever heard who was running the boats, that we weren’t in any danger!) – but you can hop on board a boat and paddle around a circuit marked out on the trees, through the beautiful and unusual landscape. It takes around 45 minutes to row the full route.

Next Stop; Hilton Head

It was a slight detour,  but our next stop after Cypress Gardens was Hilton Head Island – known for the many beautiful homes that line the 12 miles of beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, and many golf courses for locals and holiday makers alike. The town was very small with a museum and a few bike rental spots; we chose to take bikes out onto the beach at sunset – as the sand is well compacted and very easy to cycle on. I absolutely loved swooning over the beautiful homes along the beach front, day dreaming of how wonderful it would be to wake up there and take my coffee onto the decking, over looking the sun rise in the distance over the ocean.

Our hotel was rather old fashioned so I’d need to spend some time researching the best places to stay next time we visit, but I’d most definitely return perhaps in April or May, to enjoy endless days sunbathing and relaxing on the beautiful beaches.


I wore a white top by , this gorgeous shell detail skirt from my usual and a cross body

A Whistestop Tour of Bluffton

Upon leaving Hilton Head bright and early (after a sunrise beach walk at 6.30am – well worth it!! The sunrise was one of the best I’ve ever seen!) we took a short journey to Bluffton. A coffee to fuel us up from Central Perk (the do a great Chai Latte!) and we visited the Church of the Cross – a historic church built in 1857 in this spectacular Gothic style, and also strolled down to the water’s edge for some seriously beautiful vistas.

We took a scenic route through the beautiful town of Bluffton, admiring the lovely homes and historic style shop fronts, before beginning our journey toward Alabama!