Our Top 5 Sustainable Wrapping Paper Brands!

Our Top 5 Sustainable Wrapping Paper Brands!

As we are fast approaching Christmas, we think it’s the perfect time to share our top wrapping paper brands! All of these lovely brands produce sustainable wrapping paper which can be recycled, and are often also made from recycled materials. Many of the brands mentioned in this post are small businesses based in the UK and they would all love your support – plus we think the gifts look even more beautiful with carefully chosen wrapping designs too!


1 – Nancy & Betty

Nancy & Betty sell the thick and luxurious oak leaf wrapping paper which we think makes for very tasteful Christmas paper, but could equally be used for wrapping birthday presents and any presents in fact! Nancy & Betty is based in the Kent countryside and don’t only sell recyclable wrapping paper – they sell a wide range of stationary, including gift bags and napkins as well as beautifully patterned christmas crackers and more!

2 – Re-wrapped

I picked up some beautiful pheasant paper (which you can purchase ) made by Re-wrapped, via the . I absolutely love the Christmassy patterns they offer, such as the paper and the paper. All of their wrapping papers are recyclable and 100% compostable.

3 – Cadeaux Paperworks

I’m sure you already know how much I love Cadeaux Paperworks, as I also mentioned them in my small business Christmas gift guide post! I always have a stock of Cadeaux’s wrapping papers and tapes in my cupboard. This time, I ordered their recycled mistletoe wrapping paper and their biodegradable and home-compostable holly tape.

We love to add natural additions to our gift wraps too; whether that’s rosemary sprigs foraged from the garden, twine from the shed, or ribbons re-purposed from previous gifts. I also love to dry out orange or lime slices and thread these onto the gifts too!


4 – Cascayde

Another brand I mentioned in my small business Christmas gift guide post is Cascayde! They offer many solutions to help you live a low-plastic lifestyle, including zero plastic wrapping paper, such as this recycled Christmas tree Kraft paper which is also recyclable and biodegradable. Did you know that many wrapping papers, such as the shiny or glittery ones contain plastics, and therefore can’t be recycled? All of Cascayde’s wrapping papers can be recycled, and so shopping from them is a great choice if you have sustainability in mind.

5 – Wild & Stone

Wild & Stone offer many lovely wrapping paper options for this festive season, including the eco Christmas stars wrapping paper which I purchased from their website. Wild & Stone offer many sustainable household products, such as eco-friendly beauty products and beeswax food-wraps. Visit their blog for more ideas on how to live a sustainable, low-plastic life!

Josie xoxo