How to Throw the Ultimate Coronation Party!

How to Throw the Ultimate Coronation Party

If there’s one thing that us Brits love to do, it’s throw a garden party to celebrate a royal occasion! I read this morning that 6 in 10 adult Britons will either host, or attend party to celebrate the Coronation next weekend, and so if you’re the designated host for this once in a lifetime celebration, then read on for the key things to consider if you want to throw the ultimate coronation party!


1 – The Decor

When it comes to the decor, you have a few options; the first option is to go full-Anglophile and purchase every piece of Coronation-themed decor you can get your hands on, such as this gorgeous , or this , both from Amazon handmade. The local shops are filled with bunting and Union Jack themed decor – and I’ve certainly picked up a piece or two!

You could even create some to hang at your party. Option two is slightly more pared back, by mixing a little bit of Coronation-themed decor in with other decor. For example, if you were holding a celebratory afternoon tea, you could pair with an un-themed and . I’ll be creating a timeless table scape with my usual garden themed pieces alongside a few key pieces that give a nod to the regal celebration.


2 – The Food

I can think of many fabulous food options for a great get-together. An afternoon tea is a more traditional option, but you could jazz it up with some more unusual recipes.

Perhaps you could try making raspberry and white chocolate scones, or mini chilli chocolate tarts. Serve your gastronomical delights on a beautiful or a . We will probably light up the Pizza oven to get our friends involved with the creation of some tasty dishes, and have some classic afternoon tea style sandwiches and nibbles on hand for peckish guests!

3 – The Dress code

I know us Brits are always talking about the weather, but it’s because it really is so changeable here in the UK, which can have a massive effect on things like the dress codes for events. If it’s going to sunny on the Coronation weekend (fingers crossed!), a Spring Garden Party dress code could be a classy choice. Think , elegant and boujee !


4 – The Drinks

In my opinion, frozé is the drink of choice for any garden party (as long as the weather is good!). If you’re not acquainted with frozé, it is basically a delectable rosé slushy, which can be made by pouring a bottle of into a Stasher Bag and freezing it, and then blending it with a strawberry syrup, some lemon juice and some ice.

To make the strawberry syrup, add half a cup of sugar and half a cup of water to a pan and boil for a few minutes until you have a syrupy consistency. Turn off the heat and add a handful of sliced strawberries, which you should leave to infuse for at least half an hour. Be sure to sieve your syrup before adding it to the blender!

We will of course serve our botanical herb water (simply picking some fresh herbs like rosemary and mint from the garden and adding with ice to fresh water) on the table, and some of the Coronation Nyetimber sparking wine too!


5 – The Entertainment

As with the decor, you could go all out on the entertainment, or you could opt for a more pared-back and relaxed do. If you’re going all out you could host a croquet tournament, using this lovely little , or you could try a competition.

A simple Spotify playlist is all you need if you’d like a more uncomplicated affair..