My Top 4 Tips for Transitional Dressing

My Top 4 Tips for Transitional Dressing

Now that we are transitioning from winter to Spring here in the UK, I’m impatiently waiting for the weather to warm up enough so that I can wear all of the pretty spring and summer dresses which have been packed away in a cupboard for the last few months. Read on if you’re in need of some tips on how to dress at this funny time of year, when it goes from feeling like winter, to feeling like spring and back again in a matter of hours!


1 – Dress in light & bright colours

If you’re in the mood for spring fashion, but the weather is still being unreliable, I recommend dressing in light and bright colours and adding some spring patterns. A lovely floral blouse paired with a midi skirt and tennis shoes, or a light-weight knit paired with white jeans will keep you warm enough but will have you looking spring-appropriate.

This  would pair beautifully with this  and some ! These pieces will keep you warm and covered up, but the light colours and cute embroidery on the cardigan will look lovely and fresh at this time of year. Light colours on longer sleeve pieces and light coloured knitwear also allow you to indulge in Spring and Summer trends without getting too chilly!


2 – Layer up

Look out for beautiful spring dresses that allow you to layer up underneath. Long sleeved dresses, such as this will allow you to wear a underneath. Midi dresses can be paired with tights and boots if the weather isn’t yet warm enough for sandals. You can then throw on a or a if you get chilly!

On those ultra chilly Spring mornings, I’ll often layer up tights and a thermal (who’d have thought we’d still be talking about thermals in April) underneath a dress, pair with boots; and no one would ever know!



3 – Add some spring-inspired accessories

On days when the weather is dreary, there is nothing I want more than to stay cosy in my favourite  and a soft . However, your outfit can be upgraded without sacrificing warmth and comfort, by simply adding some spring accessories.

Try adding these gorgeous from Anthropologie; this ; or this – if you’re feeling extra boujee! Raffia accessories have always been my favourite way to accessorise outfits during the warmer months, but adding this trend into bags and belts is an easy way to make your outfit feel a lot more ‘Spring / Summer’ vibes!


4 – Always pack an umbrella!

At this time of year, even if it looks summery and bright in the morning when I’m leaving the house, I’ll always take an umbrella with me. You just never can tell when it comes to English weather – one moment we have bright sunshine, and the next moment it is absolutely chucking it down!

If you’re worried about an umbrella ruining your outfit, fear not – there are some rather stylish umbrellas out there! Try this Green Umbrella by Holland Cooper; or this elegant .