How I’m Boosting my Immunity and Energy Levels this Winter

How I’m Boosting my Immunity and Energy Levels this Winter

With only around a month of winter left here in the UK, spring is now in sight. However, it’s important to remember that we are still within cold and flu season, and so caring for your body and particularly your immune system should remain a priority. Read on for some of the ways that I’m improving my immunity this winter; as well as boosting my energy levels ready for spring.



I stick to my daily Wild Nutrition Supplements

Wild Nutrition is the only supplement brand that Charlie and I use, as their ingredients are all food-grown, meaning the ingredients are recognised by your body, leading to more effective absorption of the nutrients. For years, I have been taking Wild Nutrition’s Daily Essentials, which is a multivitamin specifically designed with women in mind. It is designed to support your natural hormone levels, boost your energy levels, support your immune system and more. There is also a daily multivitamin designed specifically for men, which has similar benefits.


If you’re at a specific stage of your life, such as if you’ve reached the menopause or are breast-feeding for example, you can subscribe to a Wild Nutrition multivitamin that is targeted to your needs; such as the Menopause Complex which helps with your mental resilience and helps to reduce the fatigue that can be a symptom of menopause. It’s also vital that breastfeeding mothers keep their energy levels up, and so the Breast-Feeding Support can be a great help as it supports your iron levels.


If, like me, you want to support your immune system through cold and flu season as well as boost your energy levels ready for spring, a great supplement that combines both in one daily capsule is the Immune Support. This supplement contains Zinc and Selenium which are both vital for the immune system, as well as Vitamin C and Niacin which help combat fatigue, and boost your energy levels!




Other ways I’m boosting my immunity and energy levels

1 – Consuming bone broth

If you watch my Youtube Channel, you may have seen that I’ve been making lots of bone broth recently. Making your own broth is a very simple process – all you’ve got to do is boil a load of nutritious vegetables with some left over chicken bones for several hours, strain the liquid into a glass bottle, and you will be left with a delicious and very healthy broth. I either drink it on its own or add into recipes like soups or stews.

2 – Getting plenty of sleep

Getting enough sleep may seem like an obvious way to boost energy levels, but sometimes we overlook the most obvious solutions. Getting enough good quality sleep and sticking to the same sleep rhythm through the week will not only keep you feeling perky throughout the day, but is also beneficial for your immune system. A lack of sleep has been linked to a huge range of health problems, as well as poorer mental health.

3 – Getting enough exercise

Exercise is incredibly important for longevity, heart health, mobility and many other aspects of our health. It may seem counter-intuitive, but exercising actually boosts our energy levels, as it triggers the release of hormones called endorphins, which produces a feeling of wellbeing, and boosts oxygen circulation within the body, giving you more energy. Exercise can also help to improve the quality of your sleep, which again will have a positive impact on energy levels.


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