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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September Suede

Is it true?

Is it actually already September? Does anyone else feel like summer only just started? I absolutely love Autumn - it's probably my favourite season for fashion (all about those layers!) but I just feel like summer has disappeared in a flash.

September means lots of new adjustments for our wardrobes, but it's a tricky one as the weather is still mild, meaning it's definitely not time to bring out our winter wardrobes just yet. We compare notes with our friends about the best summer-to-autumn transitional pieces that we can wear for the next month or so, and it just so happens that one of my transitional pieces brings two of my favourite summer trends into an autumnal look. This Suede A Line skirt is a perfect example of a fabulous transitional piece. The rust shade is the key autumnal colour, while the suede and scalloped trends will be sticking around for a little while longer. I'm wearing these lace up block heels (a steal for under £23) as much as I can before the temperature demands closed toe boots, and this white wrap top is a wardrobe essential - with a flattering V neck and belted tie up, it's a minimalistic piece which I reach for on a very regular basis!

I finish the look with my Chloe Drew Dupe bag - are you bored of this bag yet?! I'm not!


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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

New In Beauty : Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick

It's big news, lipstick lovers, because Clarins have done the unthinkable - they've gone and played around with their infamous Joli Rouge lipsticks, revamping the formula.... and guess what? They're incredible. Often when a brand plays around too much with an already incredible product, the new launches are just 'different' and not 'better'. They play just for the sake of playing (plus, how fun must it be being a chemist in a beauty laboratory! I'd forever be creating new concoctions!) and I didn't think that there was much to be improved on on the Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks. OK, maybe an extra shade or two might have helped, but Clarins have gone all out, and bought out 25 new shades, just in time for Autumn.

It's been over a year since I first reported on the Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks (see my first review here) and since then they've become the lipsticks that I reach for mostly in the cooler months, when my lips are in need of some nourishment as well as a blast of colour. The new formula is even more moisture-enriched, so you can toss out your balms - because with organic marsh samphire extract and mango oil ingredients, these lippies will give you smooth, soft and nourished lips as well as a high shine, highly pigmented colour. 

With a scrumptious red berry scent, it does take a lot of willpower not to want to lick your lips constantly, but the Joli Rouge is a pleasure to apply so reapplication is never a chore. The tip seems to snugly fit the shape of your lips, with the point meaning you get a precise application every time. The beautiful gold casing ( much more beautiful than the previous silver designs if you ask me ) is the final detail that gives these lipsticks a great big nod of approval from me!

As for the shade range, you'll find everything from bright spring corals (701 Orange Fizz) through to deep autumnal tones (705 soft berry) as well as everyday dusky pinks - my current favourite lip style, such as the above - 751 Tea Rose.

The new Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks have just launched, and retail for £19.50 each.

Will you be trying the new Clarins Joli Rouge?


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Saturday, 29 August 2015

I Am Juicy

As a child of the nineties, I grew up dreaming of the day I'd finally own a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit, and those pop-tastic brightly coloured handbags. Although sadly I never got my hands on either of the above, I did manage to somewhat collect Juicy Couture fragrances, and, delighting the pre-teen version of myself - Juicy Couture has launched a new Eau De Parfum - I Am Juicy. Who am I kidding - even the twenty something version of myself is obsessed with this fragrance!

If you're a fan of the previous Juicy fragrances (especially Viva la Juicy) then you'll detect a familiarity with I Am Juicy - with notes of Gardenia and Cashmere Woods, following a pop of Raspberry and Passion Fruit top notes. The Raspberry notes linger, giving the fragrance a sweet scent, but it's still a creamy and gentle perfume.

The bottle is a chic, golden, almost idol-like creation. It exudes glamour, just like the scent within. I've been reaching for it both in the day time and for nights out, and find it extremely long lasting and suited to almost every occasion. Yes, there's something about it which gives the fragrance a hint of nostalgia, but as our generation has grown, as has the brand, making it every bit as desirable as those velour tracksuits back in the nineties!

The fragrance is out now, and available online at £50.00 for 50ml.


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Friday, 28 August 2015

Grey Suede

Have you ever encountered a fashion item that makes you want to build up your entire seasonal wardrobe around it? Something so special that you want to incorporate it into every outfit? 

Well, that's exactly what happened when these Grey Suede over-knee boots from Ted & Muffy came into my life. My search for the perfect pair of grey over knee boots began last Winter, I couldn't bring myself to splurge on another pair of Russell & Bromley's so began looking for alternative brands, but my search was uneventful and as the Spring months dawned, I gave up. But it's always the way. When you stop looking, they come to you, whether you're looking for love, a new house perhaps, or just the perfect pair of boots. Cheesy as it may be, that's how my Love Story with these boots begins.

I'm a firm believer that if you're going to splurge on a fashion item, then reach for the stars - go for it, but only for your favourite, timeless accessories. As millennials, we are always wanting new, fresh pieces on an all-too-regular basis, and that means that after one of two wears of that pinstripe jumpsuit, we bid 'au revoir' because we are 'over-it'. I've always been an avid saver, always on the look out for a best-buy, and I look for those key pieces that are high in quality but do not break the bank. That's why investment pieces should happen where there is a whole lot of ROI. Yes, I'm talking about Return On Investment on my blog but you see where I am going with this? As a 'see it, buy it' generation we want lots of things, and we want them right now, so it's important that we carefully plan out our larger splurges.

So while these boots may not be as cheap as a pair you'd find in any old high street retailer, they've already earned their ROI and will undoubtedly be my 'most worn' item of the Autumn Winter season and beyond.
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Thursday, 27 August 2015

A First Look at Aerin

Aerin is one of those brands that I'd admired for the beauty of the products, lusting for the delicate gold packaging, pining for the printed bottles - basically all my Instagram dreams come true. I had not, however, expected to be equally if not more blown away by the quality of the products themselves. My first dabble with the brand included testing out a couple of their Rose Balm Lipsticks, the Multi Color for Lips and Cheeks, and their instantly recognisable Amber Musk Body Lotion.

The Rose Balm lipsticks come in a pleasantly weighty gold tube - a satisfying 'click' closure and frosted detailing on the lid. A beautiful design without detracting from the product within. The lipsticks are incredibly moisturising thanks to the natural wax ingredients usually found in balm products, and yet the luxurious texture gives the medium coverage that you'd expect from a light lipstick. The finish is slightly glossy, but, preferring the matte look at the moment I chose to blot with a tissue which gave a very natural, but still fully pigmented finish. My two shades, Perfect Nude and Coral Sands are not only both beautifully flattering, but also the two colours which I see myself alternating between for the remainder of the Summer months.
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