Are you Aesthetically Obsessed? The most Beautiful Beauty Products.

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Call me shallow but…

Aesthetics are very important to me – my beauty products need to look as good lined up on my dressing table as they do applied to my face. Whether it might be subconscious, or with the artfully arranged instagram snap in mind, usually the latter, I find myself reaching for products that best match my personal style. You might fancy a simplistic white outer shell, or a rose gold detailed brush, whatever your aesthetic preferences, there’s likely to be a beauty product to match. Here are a few of my absolute favourite products that not only are incredible beauty products, but their aesthetics are on a whole other level.

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A reasonably new brand discovery for me, and their Rainforest of the Sea range is the most beautiful, artistically brilliant range both within product and packaging. My absolute favourite is their eyeshadow palette – a selection of brilliantly named shades including Seashell, Starfish and Mermaid, which are infused with the Rainforest of the Sea complex – hydrating the eyelids and giving maximum colour payoff with just a light swipe. The gold spherical palette is one you won’t want to put away – with the purple and gold ripple design on the lid, and huge mirror inside, it truly is a beautiful product.


Ah, Zoeva. Each brush collection is more beautiful than the last. A beauty bloggers dream thanks to their instagramable image – whether you opt for the traditional Rose Golden set, the baby pink version (vol II) or the newest fully rose gold set – and their purse friendly price tag. Each brush is fabulous quality, applies makeup with perfect precision and they wash well too – an important factor to consider if you want to be regularly snapping your beautiful brushes!

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You probably saw this coming after I pretty much raved non-stop about Guerlain here, here and here a few weeks ago. Well guess what? I’m still in love. The Meteorites collection in particular is breathtakingly stunning – the pastel shades so delicately chosen to represent the fresh glow that the products bring to the skin. My heart flutters when I pull my Meteorites powder compact from my handbag – the satisfyingly weighty silver design and floral lid encase the most gorgeous pastel powder which leaves my skin mattified, but with a delicate and beautiful glow.

Beauty Products for the Aesthetically Obsessed!

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Lipsticks, Lipsticks, Lipsticks

I am honestly preparing an entire blog post about my lipstick collection just because I adore photographing them so very much. Tom Ford and Burberry are two ultra high end lipsticks whose outer packaging is the perfect example of sleek, understated and luxurious, while the embossing on the lipstick itself takes the aesthetics to whole other levels. Both brands replicate the beauty of the packaging in the product itself – once I have sufficiently photographed the untouched beauty of the lipstick I test them out to discover that the lipsticks are amongst the best I’ve ever tried. Tom Ford’s First Time quickly became my everyday pink lipstick, the perfect Your Lips But Better pink, which can be made even more glamorous with a liner just a few shades darker. Burberry’s Nude Beige is perhaps the most comfortable lipstick I’ve ever worn. It’s moisturising creamy formula allows the lips to breathe for hours after application.

The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine are, without doubt, the most beautiful lipsticks I have ever laid eyes upon. The feminine gold casing and pink band which hints to the colour of the lipstick is the perfect example of how an ultra luxurious product can add beautiful detail and still look incredibly high end. The lipstick itself is equally as pleasing – the melting balm-like product gives a shine and colour to the lips while the formula is also moisturising and incredibly comfortable.

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Beauty Products for the Aesthetically Obsessed!  Ted Baker Hand Cream

And Finally…

Who says it’s only the makeup products that get all the good looks?! Oh no, there are a couple of skincare favourites that also make my heart skip a beat every time I use them. Firstly, pretty much all of the moisturisers by Charlotte Tilbury – whether it’s the Magic Cream, Eye Rescue or Night Cream, each of them is encased within the most gorgeous multi-faceted container, topped with a rose golden lid. Usually my creams are stashed away in drawers, but when they’re this beautiful they must be kept out for all the world to see!

Also catching my eye with its rose gold closure is this Ted Baker hand cream – a desk side treat that continually catches my eye, reminding me to keep my hands hydrated. The scent – a cocktail of grapefruit, neroli, jasmine and other divine ingredients lingers for hours too, and most importantly ensures hands feel pampered all day long.

I couldn’t choose between the two, so decided to include them both – another hand cream favourite is Aerin’s Rose Hand & Body cream. A little more sophisticated both in its scent (a heavenly rose fragrance) and its appearance. In fact, so many products from Aerin’s range could easily have made the cut for this post, just take a wonder to this post from a little while ago to see them in all their glory!

What are your favourite beautiful beauty products?